Learn How to Choose the Right Name of Your App


In order to make money with your mobile app idea, you must go farther than simply creating an app. To enhance the number of downloads, you must give it an interesting name that is easily remembered by the potential audience.

Some of you may ask, “What’s in a name?” EVERYTHING.

What do you think of the sound of Stefani Germanotta’s voice compared to that of Lady Gaga and Tiger Woods? No. Never. Only because of their aliases are these celebrities known around the world today. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s always room for improvement.

In the crowded App store, where there are millions of free apps, a good app name can help you make a good first impression. If you’ve got a lot of competitors in the same field, this can help you stand out. The moment has come for you to give your mobile app idea a brilliant name so that all your hard work in creating the app is not in vain. Using these guidelines, you’ll be able to name your app so it stands out among the hundreds of other apps out there. For More Info Click Here.

1. Provide a hint as to how it works

Make sure the name of your app is relevant to what it accomplishes. You don’t want to rely too heavily on your app icon to describe your program’s functionality if you go with something completely obscure.

You need to perform some research before you start thinking about application names. Identify your product’s end purpose, target audience, and users’ emotional response to your offering. Once you’ve identified these elements, begin by naming your app using the standard way of pairing the functionality of your app with a word that increases its originality. Clarity and recognition are two of the most crucial considerations when naming an app.

2. Don’t copy.

Obviously, when naming an app, the first thing you’ll want to do is link it to other popular apps. Things like Facebook and Instagram come to mind. However, keep in mind that as your software gains traction, its validity will erode. What’s the point of installing the 50th app in the Play Store called Facebook-something or Insta-something when you can get the original for free? Don’t be swayed into naming your app after other well-known apps. Be unique rather than a carbon copy of others.

3. Learn from other people.

Despite the fact that your name should be distinctive, you may always take inspiration from your competition, especially if you’re seeking to enter a crowded app area. Look at the names of other apps that are similar to yours and make notes on what works and doesn’t. However, don’t be a copycat, as we advised earlier. Don’t just add a hyphen to the app name of your competition’s competitor. It won’t help your app in any way, but it will tarnish your reputation.

4. Use actual words

When coming up with app names, keep in mind how users will spread the word about your app so that their friends can get it, too. If you must invent new terms, choose something easy to speak and remember rather than something difficult. Choose a name that is easy to remember and pronounce without the aid of a piece of paper or your wits. With that being said, even though it’s possible for your app to be successful even if it has a weird name, why risk it?

5.App store and social media searches should be able to find your name with ease.

When naming an app, this is one of the most crucial considerations to keep in mind. Make sure your app’s name includes the term you want to rank for in the app store. Don’t, however, overuse them. In the title and description, use them sparingly and in a natural way. Your app will rise in the app store’s rankings as a result of this. In addition, you should ensure that your app’s name is available as a domain name and on social networking. This is critical if you want to spread the word about your software.

For keyword research, Google Keyword Planner is a good tool to use.

6. Determine the ideal length.

Make your app’s name as brief and sweet as possible. Long names aren’t recommended because they’re difficult to recall. Searching for too-short names, on the other hand, will put you in the position of having to compete with other people for a unique name. Adding the availability of social media handles and domain names to this condition will help cut down the list even more. That’s why it’s important to pick a name that’s easy to say as well as easy to remember.


Choosing an app’s name is a complex process that requires careful consideration of many factors. These are just a few factors. However, keep these criteria in mind and come up with a short list of some of the greatest. It’s time to go with your instinct and name the app at the last minute. That being the case, it’s entirely up to you. Read more.

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