How Much Is The Average AWS DevOps Engineer Salary? 

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps Engineer is one of the most critical roles at Amazon, but what does it mean to be a AWS DevOps Engineer? How much money do they make? How much experience do you need to become one? Can any coder become an AWS DevOps Engineer? If you are looking to answer these questions, this guide on how much is an AWS DevOps engineer salary will help you understand and prepare to break into this field. 


average salary 

If you’re planning on becoming an AWS DevOps engineer, there are a few things you should know. First, it pays well  for those working as full-time employees, average salaries range from $101k to $108k per year. For those who work as contractors and get paid hourly rates, rates start at $66/hour (or roughly $132k per year). And when speaking of pay scale and hourly rate increase with experience. More experienced engineers typically get paid more than less experienced ones  just like any other job. Given these numbers, we can assume that AWS DevOps engineers can command a higher salary given their level of experience in relation to non-experienced engineers or contractors. 

average level of education needed 

AWS DevOps engineer’s salary can range from $80,000 to $140,000. You need a bachelor’s degree in order to enter into an AWS DevOps Engineer position. Due to increasing demand for talented software engineers, those with prior experience and certifications within AWS environments can earn higher starting salaries. It is also possible that you can acquire a job as a AWS DevOps engineer through your company’s on-the-job training program. However, if you are planning to gain entry into a position of AWS DevOps engineer through one of these options then be aware that there will be an expectation of your ability to pass certification exams after gaining entry into your position. Also remember that if working without formal certification then it may take longer than expected before being able to develop any significant skills or reputation within Amazon web services ecosystem. In addition it should be noted by potential applicants that due to high levels of competition for such positions pay will often include bonuses and other compensation such as stock options or stocks that are contingent upon continued employment at Amazon or another AWS service provider. This may not appeal to some applicants who prefer their compensation more fixed rather than having any potential variance depending upon profits at their current or future employer. 

where are devops engineers employed 

Based on a survey of more than 30,000 IT professionals conducted by Harvey Nash and ITJobsWatch in 2017, it was discovered that an overwhelming majority (93%) of businesses with more than 1,000 employees make use of at least one cloud computing service. Cloud services are also popular amongst medium-sized organizations (at least 250 staff), with 89% using them. The top three cloud services used by respondents were office productivity software (60%), HR/payroll software (43%) and sales CRM (38%). This tells us that cloud services are particularly popular for business-critical applications in larger organizations. 

what skills do you need to become an aws devops engineer 

Before you start worrying about what salary an Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps engineer makes, ask yourself a question. What do you think of when someone says Amazon Web Services (AWS)? You might think of a website with different sections, each one selling something different. If so, then you’re right in line with how many people view it but have you ever considered there’s so much more to it than that? There are all kinds of people who work at and around Amazon working on creating and marketing amazing products such as Twitch and Audible. Your next question should be, What skills do I need? Thankfully for you we’ve compiled a list to help get started 

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