Here Is How You Can Decide if Cord Cutting Is Right for You 

Cord Cutting

Let’s be honest – cable TV is expensive. By the end of this blog, you might think differently. However, considering the current circumstances and consumer mindset, it is safe to say that people are getting tired of the idea of cutting the pay-tv cord and getting rid of the cable service finally.

Another honest reality here is that not everyone will be satisfied by cutting the cord. It has been observed previously and even now that people, who are trying to get rid of the cable because the cable TV bill eats up their household budget or they believe that they no longer have the need for the traditional TV watching activity, have always been disappointed with their decision.

According to Bruce Leichtman, principal at Leichtman Research Group, an average pay-tv bill is nearly $110 a month. In addition, this amount seems to raise every year, especially with the growing inflation rates. This hike in prices led to 6 million subscribers dropping their TV pay last year. This has been the biggest decline in the TV industry.

The other thing that makes cord-cutting a widely accepted phenomenon today is the new streaming services that have made their way to every household in the United States. Consumers are finding streaming services as the more affordable alternative when compared to traditional TV watching. However, consumers are infuriated with streaming service ads, and the need for a variety of content leads them to pay for a lot of streaming services in one month.

The biggest streaming service in the world, Netflix, now has 75 million subscribers in the United States and Canada, and the number is growing every minute. Even now as you are reading this blog, a new subscriber has joined the platform and watching the most hyped-up content on Netflix. On the other hand, not-so-old services such as Disney+ already have 60 million paying customers. This shows that even the newer streaming services are taking over cable TV subscribers at an alarming rate.

After learning about the attractiveness of cord-cutting, you must be thinking that why we have put a note of caution in this matter. Well, for one thing, the streaming services have also raised their prices over the last 12 to 18 months, leading to consumers paying a lot more than what they envisioned initially. While a single streaming service is cheaper than cable TV, when it comes to saving, it does not offer anything exceptional unless you plan on sticking to a single streaming platform per month.

Another factor that brings us to question the popular term, cord-cutting, is that even if you are fully ready to replace your cable TV with streaming services, your attachment to the cable TV service provider won’t let you cut the terms with it. There is a high chance that your internet connection and phone service are from the same provider that offers cable TV service for your home. Not to forget that cord-cutting brings a lot more complexity into your life than bundling service ever did. Choosing the right alternative can become tricky when cutting your ties with your internet phone and cable TV service provider.

Here we will guide you in detail to help you make the right choice when it comes to cord-cutting or sticking to your cable TV service provider.

Cable is more reliable than streaming

There is no denying the fact that cable TV provides reliable and consistent signals to your TV. Whenever you turn off your TV, you expect a good picture quality popping up on your screen without you pressing unnecessary buttons on your remote, and neither you have to wait for the buffering to stop so that you can continue chewing your pasta while your favorite TV show starts playing.

The past 18 months or so has been a struggle for entertainment. While people were forced to be in their homes a lot more by spending unnecessary long hours inside, the need for entertainment grew massively. While the streaming service was a good option to spend quarantine days with but with the coronavirus lockdowns, people had to work and learn from home, which resulted in a surge of internet usage. This urge had a direct effect on the internet bandwidth, which was once enough for the whole household but not after the pandemic-induced lifestyle.

We know many people that had to turn to traditional TV, watching to keep themselves entertained and up to date because their internet speed was just not enough for all the devices connected at the same time.

Streaming services do not promise stability or consistency. Streaming services can easily cut ties with you when a hurricane season comes or your internet services is down. During the pandemic, many internet service providers had reported a lot many outages, which led to their customers not having access to Netflix for good 5 days or even more.

With streaming services, you also have to depend upon the available bandwidth, while there are a number of good internet service providers such as Spectrum that offer reliable bundles that are perfect for streaming services, not everyone has made the right choice when it comes to choosing an internet provider for your home.

With a lot of us working, learning, and living from home due to the growing omicron cases and pandemic restrictions, the broadband connection can affect the performance of your streaming services. Even though Netflix adjusts the picture quality as per the internet connection, with cable TV service, this is not the case. You will get good picture quality regardless of your internet connection performance.

Other than internet service crashing the streaming services, you might face problems when their own service crashes. During the pandemic, high profile streaming names such as CBS Sports, CBS All Access, and other app crashed doing the last year’s Super Bowl. Even Hulu and Netflix saw temporary outages while many people were depending on these entertainment services during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here if you are having a hard time choosing an internet service that can ensure high-quality internet for your streaming service, then we have some recommendations for you.

Spectrum is one reliable name when it comes to offering high-speed internet packages. Spectrum offers bundles, deals, and plans that are best fit for all kinds of households. While there are a good number of Spectrum packages and deals that will give the best of both worlds – good internet and stable cable TV if you want to stick to having good internet, then spectrum’s standalone internet packages will help you receive strong internet connectivity in your house.

You can get Spectrum Internet Packages starting from $49.99/mo. for 12 months. With no data caps, no contract restrictions, 30 days money-back guarantee, free anti-virus, and modern speed up to 200 Mbps (wireless speed may vary), Spectrum Internet package is the best for your pocket and home.

Not only this, there are more Spectrum packages, such as Spectrum Double Play Select and Spectrum Triple Play Silver for $99.98/mo. and $144.97/mo., respectively, 12 months. These packages offer high-speed internet, best for unlimited devices and multiple users at home. In addition, when you bundle these services with Spectrum TV and phone service, then you get the best entertainment essentials for your home without any hassle.

Cord-cutters pay more for the internet

As we said above, Spectrum bundles are the source for hassle-free home life. With Spectrum Bundles, you not only get amazing high-speed internet service, phone, and cable TV service but also a single bill for your home that will reduce the complexity that comes with paying to offer streaming services at one time.

Bundles are surely the glue that keeps many stuck to our cable TV service providers. And this is not only because the single bill is convenient, but with bundled service, many internet service providers offer discounts, no equipment charges, and options to create a package that best fits your home.

Here are some of the Spectrum bundles that you should not miss to pay less for your home entertainment essentials.

Spectrum Bundles

Spectrum PackageMax. Download SpeedChannel CountPhone PlanPromo Price
Double Play Select200 Mbps125+ channels×$99.98/mo.*
For 12 mos. 
Double Play Silver200 Mbps175+ channels×$129.98/mo.*
For 12 mos. 
Double Play Gold200 Mbps200+ channels×
For 12 mos. 
Internet & Voice Double Play200 Mbps×Unlimited calling in U.S. territories$64.98/mo.*
when bundled*
Triple Play Select200 Mbps125+ channelsUnlimited calling in U.S. territories$114.97/mo.*
For 12 mos. 
Triple Play Silver200 Mbps175+ channelsUnlimited calling in U.S. territories$144.97/mo.*
For 12 mos. 
Triple Play Gold200 Mbps200+ channelsUnlimited calling in U.S. territories$164.97/mo.*
For 12 mos. 

* Offer, speed, and channel availability may vary by location

Not only Spectrum but also other internet service providers require a higher price for their standalone internet packages.

However, in another scenario, where you are paying a lot more for a low speed-tier, you can cancel cable. You can upgrade to a faster internet speed for your home, which is best suited considering the need for speed, otherwise you can simply cut your internet needs a bit.

You can get more local channels

Even though the situation of cable-style streaming services lacking in broadcasting local channels has greatly improved, still you will not find all channels on the streaming service.

However, when it comes to traditional cable TV service, you’ll get an incredible channel variety. The best way to find out which channels you will get with which package, all you have to do is to insert your ZIP code in the tool at and you will get a complete channel lineup.

With many cable TV services, if you are not getting all the content of your preference, you can still get them on demand.

In addition, with a Cable TV service like Spectrum, you have the 24/7 Spectrum TV Customer Service so that you can get your issues resolved without any hassle. With streaming services, you have to figure this out on your own or go to the platform where users have an answer for the common streaming service issues. 

Spectrum TV Packages

PackageChannel Line UpPromo Price
125+ with FREE HD―Local networks i.e., ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and popular cable networks like ESPN, Discovery, CNN, Lifetime, TLC, HGTV, and MTV.
for 12 mos.*
175+ with FREE HD―All TV SELECT channels, and more popular & premium networks like HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, Nick Jr., and NFL Network
for 12 mos.*
200+ with FREE HD―All TV SILVER channels and more popular & premium networks like STARZ®, STARZENCORE®, and TMC.
for 12 mos.*

*Offer and channel availability may vary by location.

Consider how many users you have

If you live in a household where everyone wants to view a different content, then you might find some issues with streaming services. Every streaming service imposes some limitation on how many users can access the platform at one time. For example, Hulu allows two simultaneous streams on their platforms. However, you can add more screens for an additional $10 per month with Hulu +Live TV, and enjoy unlimited screens add-on.

Bottom Line

In the end, it all boils down to what you want to watch. With a streaming service, there is no guarantee of accessing all sorts of content that you may want to watch. However, with cable TV, you can add channels of your choice and book a package with multiple channel lineups. In the end, make sure you understand the need for content for your family before cutting the cord or choosing the right cable TV package for your home.

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