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Guest Blogging means participating as a guest contributor to a blog, creating articles with content on topics that are the editor’s domain. For the site owner, it is the opportunity to open a space for their colleagues, obtaining varied posts for their audience with a fresh and different perspective.

It is an important tool when planning a content strategy , since it is an effective way to provide varied material with another point of view, as well as being helpful in those moments when you are going through writer’s block.

Some of the benefits you can get by participating as a Guest Blogger are:

  • You increase your exposure: When you collaborate on other blogs you manage to reach a new audience, if the text is of quality when they meet you they will want more than what you write. Your name will be a useful content reference and over time they will become loyal to your work.
  • You build your personal brand (Branding): The audience will associate you with the theme that you develop, turning your voice into an authority, generating a community in your environment and new contact networks that will strengthen your image. Hence the importance of writing about subjects that you master, and participate in blogs related to it.
  • You increase the followers of your social networks: When you write in external blogs you have the possibility of including links to some of your social networks, managing to redirect that audience. If they like your work they will follow you and subscribe to your posts.
  • You improve the traffic to your blog: Continuing with the previous point, you can include a link to your site in the profile. If the host blog has a good reputation and a large audience, you can achieve a considerable number of visits, which will serve to improve your search engine rankings.
  • You interact with people related to the medium: You will meet other bloggers from whom you can learn, exchange experiences and establish relationships. Many of these peers will be excited to follow you and share your content on their social networks. In addition, it will give you the opportunity to create new posts, for example: interview other bloggers, make collaborative , among many others.
  • You strengthen your writing and writing skills: Practice will help you improve the quality of your texts , develop your ideas with fluency and create well-argued material. Your work will be more professional every day, since you will perfect your skills and you will be more sure of your content.

As Adveischool explains in its publication “ What is Guest Blogging and what are its benefits for your blog? “, the host site also makes interesting profits:

  • Increase the visibility of the blog and reach a different audience
  • Offers varied content
  • Attract more followers to your social networks
  • Build relationships and alliances
  • Improves the notoriety and credibility of the blog

Tips to become a good Guest Blogger

To make the most of the Guest Blogging opportunity, you should consider certain guidelines, especially if your purpose is those highly reputable blogs where the demands of the case warrant that you stand out. So take the following into account:

  • Study the blog where you are going to write . Remember that the people who usually visit him are used to his publication style, if you do not adapt to his tendencies, it is likely that you will lose the interest of the public, and they may even stop following him.
  • Write useful and quality content . Do not post material that you would not upload on your own blog. Guest Blogging is an opportunity to demonstrate your skills as an author, so don’t write for the sake of writing or spread texts already published on your own site or on other domains.
  • Be open to criticism , be tolerant and receptive.
  • Share your post as a guest blogger on your social networks.

In short, Guest Blogging is a win-win relationship that yields rewarding benefits to both parties. The guest writer can get more visibility, recognition and professional referrals, and the blog owner gets quality content effortlessly, and increases traffic to his site without neglecting his posting frequency, allowing him to occupy himself with other activities.

By Master James

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