Can I re-register a 50cc moped?


A reader sends us an inquiry about a 1991 Honda Vison that he had sitting around for years and now wants to use again. It’s possible?

Good Morning. First of all congratulations for the excellent work you do for all of us. I would like to know what I have to do to start up a 50 cc motorcycle that I have, specifically a Honda Vision from 1991. It has been standing in the garage for about 16 years, but it still has the town hall plate and I keep the maintenance book and the purchase invoice. What do I have to do to enjoy it? Will the insurance cost me a lot? Does the mechanic have to do anything special? in his day he put gasoline with lead-super. Thank you very much.Ducati Multistrada V2 S: Maxitrail essence in reasonable bottleThe most exclusive trail bikes of 2022Joan Mir, in search of improving his sensationsMoto de 125 con estilo retro, buenas prestaciones, ágil y divertida de llevarCasco de moto: ¿Cuándo hay que cambiarlo?Read more…

Certainly, you have a problem if what you want is to enjoy it on the street. Re-registering an old 50cc with a new license plate is practically impossible today. The problem is that the legal options to do so are limited -register as historical- and that is expensive, in addition to the fact that the conditions have just changed and you could not register as such for four years.

Your motorcycle was registered at the town hall, according to the old law that did not require mopeds to be registered in traffic. In the mid-90s, when this law was modified, a period was given for interested parties to re-register their mopeds with the new license plate (the yellow one, but for traffic). After a few years, they could not circulate without that plate. That operation had a cost and it was not published enough either. Thus, many mopeds that were little used or were old remained like yours, without registration, despite that town hall plate.

The homologations, in addition, have changed. When your bike was built, homologations were simpler than today and almost permanent over the years. Today it is not like that. The famous “euro” standards require vehicles to meet more stringent standards in terms of safety and emissions. For mopeds, Euro 3 is in force right now, which, of course, a Vision 50 does not even remotely comply with. Therefore, it is a vehicle not approved for driving on public roads if you want to register it as a new vehicle. It is therefore not a viable option.

The other option that would remain is registration as a historic vehicle . This type of registration is designed to be able to circulate and display motorcycles, cars or other vehicles with historical value, so it is expensive. Between €800 and €1,000 is its normal cost. Logically, if you have a motorcycle of real historical value, its economic value is worth spending that money on legalizing it. But, is spending €1,000 to register a Vision worth it? To be honest no. It is a problem that many owners of old mopeds suffer from and, although a special regulation is being requested for them, we are far from achieving it.

On the other hand, until recently, according to the law, those that were 25 years old or more were considered historic vehicles. Now it has changed and 30 is required for it , a requirement that your Vision will not meet until 2021.

The insurance, if you registered it as historic, would be cheap, around €40 or €50 with special classic vehicle insurance . And mechanically, if it stopped in good condition, it would practically only need an oil change, battery, carb cleaning, greasing cables and little else. In the worst case, the crankshaft, tire or brake seals will be crystallized, which would require changing them before using the bike.

By Master James

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