Affiliate Marketing: what it is and how it works; here’s the guide.

Affiliate Marketing

Many solutions allow you to make money online. Affiliate marketing, the world of internet affiliations, is one of them.

Affiliate marketing is a method of making money online through the promotion of tracked links that allow you to create a win-win situation that is always convenient.

Companies increase promotion skills in niches and communities, people turn into micro-influencers and make money online. This happens in a structured and continuous way.

This happens in a simple way: if a person buys or signs any type of contract thanks to the click made by a tracked link, whoever shared the link gets a percentage that varies according to the type of product or platform. That sounds like a good idea, don’t you think?

In fact, the world of affiliate marketing is full of opportunities, but to make the most of it, you need to know it. Here’s what to know about the topic to start monetizing simply by sharing your passions.

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 What is Affiliate Marketing
  • 2 How affiliate marketing works
  • 3 Best Affiliate Programs
  • 4 Do you want to make affiliations on Amazon?
  • 5 What are profitable niches?
  • 6 How to make money with affiliations
  • 7 Do affiliations always work?
  • 8 Have you monetized with affiliations?

What is Affiliate Marketing

The definition of affiliate marketing: a method to monetize your online influence by sharing tracked links that allow you to see how many conversions occur with an online program.

The software can monitor what has been purchased thanks to the promotion and sharing of a hyperlink.

In technical terms, affiliations are a useful method to create passive income, that is, income streams that can represent an income independent of your intervention, especially if you work with blogging and websites that, once positioned on Google, allow people to discover useful resources in the SERP and affiliate links online.

Affiliate marketing, in summary, is a method that allows you to earn online in a systematic and structured way to the point of being able to transform this activity into a profession. But also to supplement the salary.

Without forgetting that the affiliate program is a web marketing strategy for companies that want to increase online sales.

How affiliate marketing works

The mechanism behind affiliations is simple: the more you allow an advertiser (a company that needs advertising) to sell products or subscriptions to services, the higher your personal income.

To understand how affiliate marketing works, you need to imagine the company as an entity looking for people capable of advising their own good in certain communities and sector niches verticals.

How Amazon Associates Works.

This happens through good inbound marketing work, delighting contacts with a following capable of creating loyalty. This way, people recommend your business to other contacts.

But if you want to automate and incentivize, you need affiliations. What is the mechanism behind this work? Here’s what to know.

Best Affiliate Programs

As already suggested, to start doing affiliate marketing, you need to sign up for a program that a company makes available to manage rules, percentages, and profit margins. But also the generation of the links tracked and necessary to understand how much and how you have earned. What main affiliate programs can you sign up for to make money online?

  • Maxbounty.
  • Amazon.
  • eBay.
  • iTunes.
  • Semrush.
  • Gsuite.

The affiliate earns a percentage for every sale made through the sale of a good or service. In this case, there is an affiliate program that is particularly well known: Amazon.

While many circuits (such as Semrush, Server plan, or Mailup) have specific aspects, Amazon allows them to satisfy all. How? Let’s deepen.

Do you want to make affiliations on Amazon?

Often this is the solution that is considered by many for various reasons. The first is about the simplicity you can get started with.

Just enter and complete the fields that allow you to start creating tracked links. So you can decide how to proceed to monetize:

  • Sharing links on social networks.
  • Email marketing and newsletter.
  • Sending links in chats and WhatsApp groups.
  • Blogging and links on websites.

How much do you earn with the Amazon Affiliate Program? This company makes it clear the percentages dedicated to those who allow companies to sell more; this allows you to understand which are the profitable niches of this circuit so loved and used for affiliations.

SubjectPercentage of earnings

Toys 3%

Software and video games 5%

Furniture 7%

Clothing and accessories 10%

Handmade 10%

Beauty 10%

Find the entire list of earnings percentages on Amazon affiliations on the official page. Remember, however, that we are talking about relative numbers.

You can earn more with an industry that has a lower percentage of earnings if, however, you find a less congested niche than those that have a higher margin but are very crowded and followed.

The Amazon Affiliations Dashboard.

In any case, with solutions like Amazon, it allows you to have every step under control thanks to a user section full of numbers and references. Also, with regard to one of the most interesting solutions: the bounty.

What is a bounty?

With Amazon, you can earn periodic revenues so that you can also monetize subscriptions to Amazon’s annual services. For example, if someone enters the Prime circuit thanks to your link, you will receive 3 euros, the same for Kindle. While for Music Unlimited, there is a 4.50 euro for a subscription.

The most important gain comes from registering with Amazon Business which brings an important fee to the cashier: 20 euros per registration.

What are the profitable niches?

When you decide to do affiliate marketing, you have to make a number of fundamental decisions. The first concerns the programs you choose to organize the process, but many alternatives (such as Amazon) are generic and allow you to space choose between different themes.

Which are the most convenient? Are there any profitable niches that allow you to monetize more? What is the best niche for making money with affiliate marketing? Here is a list that never goes out of style:

  • Adult.
  • Insurance and Bonds.
  • Online banks.
  • Hosting.
  • Beauty.
  • Fitness.
  • Trading.
  • Forex.
  • Health.
  • Medicines.
  • Hobby.

Clearly, everything can be included in this list of the most profitable and profitable niches for those who do affiliate marketers. The best way to make a decision? Make an assessment in terms of:

  • A number of searches per month.
  • Cost per click on Google Ads.

A query with few searches per month but a high cost per click is a possible profitable niche that can be evaluated to decide.

How to make money with affiliations

To monetize with this system, you need to follow a series of basic steps. What are the essential steps to follow in these cases? First of all, I recommend that you understand the topic you want to address.

Affiliation works when at the base there is above all the passion and interest in what is being promoted. This is the only way to show the added value perceived by users who recognize the benefit of your affiliate marketing strategy. By the way, what’s the solution?

What to do once you have chosen the topic you want to address to earn and the type of affiliate program? You have to start your content’s promotion and diffusion strategy.

The first step is simple. You can generate your links and start sharing them online so that someone, by clicking, decides to buy a good or subscribe to a particular online service.

So the first way to make money with internet affiliates is this: track your link and launch it on Facebook or Twitter.

Or maybe on LinkedIn and Pinterest. Of course, you can also promote this link in order to increase visibility and earn more thanks to more clicks on the tracked link. But you must always evaluate the relationship between investment and results obtained to understand if you have real profits.

Use of email marketing and newsletters

One of the most effective ways to make money with affiliate marketing: you can take advantage of email marketing to share your links and allow people to click on possible suggestions, which then turn into sales and future earnings for those who do a good job as an affiliate.

In these cases, you can focus on different strategies, from a simple newsletter with advice for those linked to a certain topic to a specific DEM that turns into a sales letter to convince your list to buy a certain good or to subscribe to a service.

And then there are the sales funnels, the paths linked to lead nurturing that feed subscriber with different emails up to the last one.

A message that tries to convince the user to click on the tracked link and buy. Or perhaps to become a user of a paid service.

A solution to earn online with affiliations that can be declined in different ways: if on the one hand, you can get small goals even from simple advice (someone contacts you and asks you for a suggestion), on the other you can create public chat systems and private to recommend tracked links for example on WhatsApp or Telegram.

In all this, you must consider the possibility of making everything easier thanks to marketing automation and advanced management of sales processes through chatbots on Messenger. Like Chatfuel or Manychat.

In this case, you create sales funnels, similar to those found in email marketing, in which there are triggers that trigger the sending.

Blogs and websites

Can I do affiliate marketing without a personal blog? Of course, the means I have just listed are independent of this commitment. So why do so many bloggers praise the need to have their own domain and to host to create web pages on which to share their advice and affiliate links? The first reason is simple: with the blog, you build a brand.

If you limit yourself to sharing links on a social profile, you remain, in most cases, a simple industry enthusiast who rounds up his salary by settling for a few euros with the purchases made by friends.

On the other hand, a blog is, first of all, a tool for personal branding. And affiliations are based on just that: trust.

A blog allows you to create a name and feed an audience that you can reach anywhere. And here lies the second reason why we should have a website to make affiliation: positioning on Google. And the related SEO optimization of published resources.

If you want to transform your affiliate marketing work into a passive income (therefore capable of making you earn while doing something else), positioning on the search engine is essential.

You write an article in which you review a product or make a list of useful links. This content ranks for certain keywords and is reached, over time, by interested people. You are generating new logins and clicks that arrive on the affiliate card.

Do affiliations always work?

Described in this way, the world of affiliate marketing can seem like a world that is easy to tackle and full of opportunities. There are actually several reasons that could be holding you back on your run for success and profit. Affiliations can hide many pitfalls.

They are not a tool for earning a lot of money right away in the first place. At the base of every success to earn with affiliate marketing is the study, experience, and evolution of a content marketing project.

Of course, at first, you can supplement your salary by sharing links on social networks. Maybe you do it on Facebook, with your personal profile.

But how much do you monetize? A little. Especially if the niche you have chosen is congested, that is to say, manned by important names of the affiliate.

There are big affiliate players who have already monopolized attention. The goal is always the same: to discover small sectors not yet conquered by affiliate marketing professionals to start earning a minimum of traffic and market. But it is not easy.

Have you monetized with affiliations?

Here are a number of key tips for addressing this issue in the best possible way. Is it always possible to make money with affiliate marketing? It depends; there are limits and difficulties to overcome.

But if you have the business scheduled, you can get good results from your process and link-sharing activities. Do you agree? Leave your opinion in the comments so that we can tackle the topic together.

By Master James

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