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The most effective, reliable, and affordable way to express the uniqueness and originality of your style in clothes is individual embroidery. This way of decorating also helps to emphasize the uniqueness of the home interior, office, or restaurant environment. Creative 

 Zdigitizing embroidery design can be used even in unusual places, for example, car interiors are decorated with it. The main difference between individual embroidery and machine embroidery is that it is created in a single copy. Making such an image is a laborious process that requires special patience and accuracy. However, the result of such work exceeds all expectations: a thing decorated in this way acquires special artistry, uniqueness, and value.

Embroidery materials

Modern exclusive Zdigitizing embroidery designs services on clothes are created using a variety of materials. How the embroidered image will look depends on the correct selection of materials for embroidery, their appearance, texture, and color. The following types of decorative materials are used to create individual embroidery:

Threads. These include silk, viscose, woolen, cotton, and other threads. A separate group includes gold and silver threads, as well as shiny and glowing dark threads.

Beads, glass beads. These materials are made of durable glass. They give the embroidery an elegant look and shine. 

Gimp. This is the name of a metal thread twisted into a tight spiral and cut into pieces. The shape of the gimp resembles a bugle. The gimp is gold, silver, and copper. There is also a gimp of blue, green, burgundy, and pink colors.

Tapes. They can be cotton, silk, synthetic, or satin. Textured ribbons have a special decorative effect.

Rhinestones. Such shiny pebbles can be glued or sewn on.

Decorative and natural stones, shells. They can have different colors and shapes. Such decorative elements give the embroidery a luxurious and rich look.

Modern fashion designers, when creating individual embroidery, can use a variety of decorative accessories: small wooden and metal pendants, locks, feathers, chains, and much more. The choice of such jewelry is limited only by the imagination of the master.

Types of creative embroidery

There is a wide variety of hand Zdigitizing embroidery products. Creative embroidery can be created in one way or a combination of them. Consider the basic techniques of hand embroidery:

Cross-stitch. The image in this technique is created with threads of different colors. The pattern is embroidered with cross stitches. This method allows you to create delicate, colorful images on a flat canvas of the base fabric. The modern variety of embroidery threads makes it possible to create a three-dimensional, shiny, or glow-in-the-dark cross-stitch pattern.

Embroidery ribbons. The image made in this technique has naturalism and volume. It is created with ribbons of different textures. Such embroidery gives the product a special decorative effect and femininity. It can decorate any part of clothing.

Ribbon embroidery on fabric

Satin stitch embroidery. This embroidery technique is spectacular and unique. It requires a lot of effort, long training, and a lot of patience. However, the result is amazingly beautiful. With satin stitch embroidery, you can decorate literally any textile item, be it clothes, accessories, or home textiles. Neatly done satin stitch embroidery resembles a colorful picture from a book.

satin stitch  Zdigitizing embroidery on the dress

Richelieu. This technique is a kind of satin stitch embroidery. Drawing with this method is applied to the fabric, after which each of its elements is sheathed with even stitches. Next, the fabric between the patterns is cut through, and the edges of the fabric are processed. The finished embroidery in the Richelieu technique resembles lace. It gives things an unusually elegant look.

Luneville (tambour) embroidery. The image in this technique is created with a special hook, with which a tambour seam is made, similar to a pigtail. Luneville embroidery can be made from multi-colored threads, beads, sequins or other decorative materials. Things decorated in this way acquire a magnificent and luxurious appearance. They certainly will not go unnoticed by the surrounding people.

Luneville embroidery on the dress

Beadwork. This technique allows you to get a luxurious and amazingly beautiful pattern. Previously, such embroidery was done with river pearls. Today, a wide selection of glass beads of various shapes and sizes is presented to the attention of craftsmen. Beaded embroidery can be bright or delicate, but in any case, it is unique and beautiful.

Beaded embroidery on the dressBeadwork on a handbag

Cantle embroidery. Images in this technique are created with multi-colored thread. This embroidery has a noble look. Small pieces of gimp are sewn in the same way as glass beads. Longer pieces are sewn to the fabric in the same way and additionally secured in several places with a thread. At the same time, the gimp is bent by an arc, which makes the embroidery shiny and voluminous.

Brooch embroidered with cantle

Embroidery with rhinestones, decorative and natural stones. The patterns created by such materials give the clothes a unique style, brightness, and outrageousness. Things with such embroideries are of particular value. They play the role of a central element of the image of the owner. Embroidering these materials can be enjoyed for hours. She makes things amazing and unique.

Embroidery on the skirt with rhinestones and decorative stones

There are other techniques of manual individual embroidery. It is simply impossible to describe all of them. Each of them allows you to create a special pattern on the decorated object. So things that are familiar to the eye can become a real works of art.

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