Why Smart TVs are Being More Affordable Day by Day

Smart TV

Affording the latest smart TVs is now more practical than ever before, which is great news for those living in India who couldn’t have imagined their lives without such technology in the past. The sharp decline in retail pricing for these gadgets makes it conceivable for even ordinary people to buy a Best 32 inch Smart TV in India at online stores like Bajaj FinServ EMI Store. Some of India’s best smart LED TV brands, such as Samsung, TCL, LG, and Xiaomi, among other well-known manufacturers in the Indian market, sell their products for under Rs.20 000.

Aside from that, these aren’t your typical stripped-down models. The latest generation of smart TVs comes with cutting-edge 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. When using a 4K DVD player or streaming service, the quality of the video may be breath-taking. How do companies earn money while keeping prices low? Continue reading to learn more.

·        Clear old inventory

Even though there is always something new to look forward to, most advancements take place in little steps every year. The fact that even if something new comes out, it’s going to be very expensive should give you some peace of mind.

It’s now possible to buy TVs from the previous year at a discount because most 2022 models are still to be released. You’re probably already planning on a 2022 model if you want the latest technologies. But if you want the best deal, you should get a 2021 32-inch smart TV now before they are all gone. Similar features and quality are expected to be found in the 2021 TV and its 2022 version.

·        Lower manufacturing costs.

A multi-billion-dollar automated plant is required for the production of television displays. Once your initial investment is fully recouped, you’ll be able to create more of the product at a reduced price. Components are cheap, so the marginal cost per screen is close to nothing. As a result, every television is purely for profit. As a result, the factory’s profits rise directly to the amount of product it produces. And the cheaper things go, the more they sell. Like all other electronic gadgets on the market,

·        An aspirational purchase 

Gizmos and other high-tech toys become more desirable as people’s well-being improves. In recent years, more people are buying appliances that they couldn’t afford at one time because of low-cost EMI plans and easy ways to make buying decisions. The Bajaj FinServ EMI Store is one of the biggest such platforms in India.

One of the first items on anyone’s wish list for their new house is a smart TV, with 32-inch smart TV being the first choice. It’s a need in large households with an average of three children. Most top smart TVs provide more than just passive viewing to keep kids and parents occupied for hours. In addition to helping children study and explore the internet, some even provide game capabilities for children to use. With all of these factors in mind, companies want to profit by making smart TVs cheap and easy to use.

Nowadays, nearly every television is a “smart” TV that can access the internet and many online services. If a TV has a built-in streaming service like Netflix, that provider is paying the manufacturer to do so, which lowers the cost of the 32-inch smart TV.


You may have a problem with your current TV or simply want a bigger one. New televisions are far less expensive per inch than older models. Your new TV will be the same size as your old one, but it will look better and cost less than your old one. Alternatively, you could spend the same amount of money on a new TV as you would have spent on your old one and get something much bigger.

Great deals and no-cost EMI options on latest TVs Brands

The 32-inch smart TV price might get reduced significantly if you find the right bargain. It’s easy to shop on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network for the newest TVs from Samsung, Xiaomi, and LG, thanks to Finserv Markets’ partnership with some of India’s most popular TV brands in India Using the numerous filters available, you may limit your selections depending on price, brand, and features. The easiest way to obtain the greatest value for your purchase is to examine all available options. Use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to pay for your Best TV in India in simple, interest-free payments over 3 to 24 months at the EMI Store.

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