How Does a Multihead Weigher Work?

Multihead Weigher

A multihead weigher found in industrial and commercial settings to weigh objects. It has multiple scales, or “heads,” which allow it to weigh several items at once. When users keep the thing on one of the scales, and when the user initiates the weighing process, the Device calculates the object’s weight based on the displacement of the balance beam. The user can see weight information on a screen.

It is a machine used to weigh an object or object. The device has multiple scales, or “heads,” which weigh an object as it passes over it. It allows for more accurate and efficient weight measurements than a single scale would provide. Users can use multihead weigh for manufacturing and packaging processes where precise weight measurements are critical.

Manufacturers create multiple weighing scales that present on a single frame. You have to put the object on one of the scales, and then the weight is determined based on the amount of force required to keep the thing in place.

What is mutihead weigher?

Multi-head weighers are a type of industrial-scale used to weigh objects in bulk. They are popular in factories and other industrial settings where accurate weight measurements are essential. A multi head weigher can weigh an object up to 10,000 pounds.

They are very versatile machines that can weigh various products, including those that are irregular in shape. The components used in making a multihead weigher are essential to its function and must be high quality. The weighing mechanism is one of the most crucial parts of the machine. It must accurately weigh the product as it moves down the line.

The mutihead weigher  are machines that weigh objects in a production line. Many components use making multihead weigher, and each of these components plays an essential role in the overall function of the machine. Some of the most critical components include the weighing mechanism, the feeding system, and the control system.

You can find multihead weighers extensively in the food and beverage industry for accurate and fast weight determination of products. Multihead weighers are typically composed of several weighing heads mounted on a standard frame. Users have to put the product on a belt or conveyor that moves it in front of the weighing heads. As the product moves, each weighing head independently determines the product’s weight.

14 Heads Leak Proof Multihead Weigher With 3L Hoppers

It can weigh and fill 3L containers at the same time. Computer, making it easy to use, can also control the machine. This machine is perfect for various applications, including food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

  • In the multihead weigher, you can adjust the amplitude of each line independently during operation to make the feeding more even. This assures that all products will be weigh accurately and eliminates any possible under or over-weighing. Additionally, because you can adjust each line separately, the multihead weigher is ideal for products that vary in size and weight.
  • This machine control panel has a 7-inch touch screen, making it easy for users to navigate things.
  • Multi segment weight measurement has the support of the factory parameter setting recovery mechanism.
  • It has special built-in sensors that provide precise measurements.
  • It will automatically pause when there is nothing to weigh on the Device.
  • The driving system of this Multihead contains a step motor and machine with a power of 220V.
  • This machine provides the option of dimple plate , Timing Hopper, Printer, Reject Device.
  • It can weigh 10 to 1500 grams.


  • This machine comes in multiple languages, so it is easy to operate.

Final words

A multihead weigher is a machine that uses several scales to weigh an object or material. Users can use this machine in various manufacturing and food production settings. By understanding how a multi-head weigher works, you can appreciate the importance of this machine in the modern world.

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