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You are never satisfied with the keyboard that comes along with your laptop. You are bored of it. It’s always either you get upset or irritated by hitting the wrong key repeatedly while typing something. Perhaps, this is common to all people who use laptops.

This should not be a problem anymore! By using an external keyboard, you can definitely increase the joy of typing. You can easily disable your laptop keyboard and use an external one. This guide from can help you know how to do it.

Maybe, you are not satisfied with the external keyboard that you have been using for a long time now. You want to change it. Instead of wasting your money on purchasing one which doesn’t worth it, you should know some tips on how to choose the best keyboard for your laptop.

In this article, we’ll mention the types of keyboards you can purchase these days, what components should you consider in buying one, and how it will help you select the ideal keyboard that best fits your laptop.

Types of Laptop Keyboards

There are several types of keyboards available for purchase online. Here are those:

1.  Standard External Laptop Keyboards

This type of keyboard is just like those that you can find on desktop computers. The good thing about this is that it’s very easy to connect and install the device. It doesn’t require any pre-installation or driver before you can use it with your laptop.

2. Waterproof Bluetooth Keyboard

You might know that water and keyboards don’t go well with each other because it can destroy the mechanism inside the key switches so as not to function anymore after it gets wet. However, there are recently created waterproof keyboards which you can use under water without destroying the unit and its components inside so as not to affect performance after getting wet.

3. Wireless Slim Keyboard

There are various slim keyboards you can purchase today for your laptop. There are even those which are specifically designed to be used with netbooks because they are thin and very light in weight compared to other types of input devices. You’ll surely love using these because it only requires a USB port wherein you will connect the device, no need for wires anymore.

4. Foldable Keyboards

You might be surprised to see keyboards that can fold. It’s one of those that you don’t need a table anymore to place on top of it because it has been designed to be folded from the middle of the device for easy storage and portability.

5. Ergonomic Keyboard

Another type of keyboard is the ergonomic type which has different key shapes so as not to strain your fingers when typing something. This particular type is known for its high tactile feedback, low activation force, and good travel distance so as not to weary your hands each time you use them for typing something important like sending an email or writing an essay for college.

6. Gaming Keyboards

If you like playing games with your laptop using your favorite keyboard, you can connect it to the device and use it as a gaming laptop. However, there are some laptops made specifically for gaming purposes only that prefer gamers to use the built-in laptop keyboards or those without any keypad.

7. Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are the most expensive ones you can find today for laptops. These particular keyboards offer faster speed, good tactile feedback, and a longer life span than other types of input devices. This is perfect if want to use your laptop in playing games or editing graphics using Adobe Photoshop or any image creating software nowadays.

What You Need To Consider When Purchasing A Keyboard

1. The Quality of Keys

To make sure that you will be able to type fast and accurately, consider purchasing those keyboards which have been designed with low-profile keys so as not to strain your fingers when typing something. There are keyboards designed with extra-large keys so as not to have any problems in typing texts.

2. Extra Special Function Keys

If you use your laptop for work or something that requires more special features, consider purchasing one that has special function keys where you can adjust the monitor brightness, volume, and other specific functions without accessing the control panel in your laptop each time you need to adjust it.

3. Full Sized Keyboard

Another important thing to consider when buy a keyboard is if it’s full sized or compacted. This particular type saves space but can’t fit larger fingers because of its tiny keys which are smaller than standard ones found on laptops today.

4. Layout Compatibility

Laptop keypads come with different layouts. If you are particular with the way it looks, make sure that you purchase those which can be compatible with your laptop. Otherwise, if you use different types of keypads for your laptop, there’s a tendency that the layout you created will not appear inside the screen anymore because there is no standard layout used in laptops today.

5. Wireless or Wired

Another important thing to consider when buying a keyboard for your laptop is whether to choose wireless or wired type. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages so as to help you decide better regarding this matter, find out first about its wireless connectivity features so as to avoid compatibility issues between devices. You should also know if it can be connected through Bluetooth technology so as not to purchase extra accessories.


When buying a new keyboard for your laptop, don’t just buy it without considering the options available. There are lots of good things you can find in keyboards that can help improve your typing speed and accuracy when writing an essay or anything important needed at home, school, or work. Consider its key layout so as not to have any issues in using them when typing something.

Also, consider its compatibility with other devices so as not to waste money on redundant accessories or items you need to purchase inside the market today. It’s also very helpful if you do some research first regarding what types of keyboards are currently being sold for laptops before making your final decision in purchasing one item only.

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