What are the various websites for part-time teaching online?

various websites

Online learning, despite being a new setting for both teachers and students. In the Classroom, the teacher has simple control over the group while simultaneously assessing each student’s work. Teachers in the Classroom can identify less attentive students and immediately engage in the lesson. Furthermore, during the lecture in the Classroom, any question from the students can be answered without any difficulties. Educational platforms and learning management systems are modern technologies that educational institutions should not be without today. They support the development, adoption, administration, distribution, and management of all e-learning training-related operations, or they can supplement traditional classroom instruction. By standardising and localising training as needed, engaging students on all levels, and freeing up time for staff to train, a School learning management system can help an organisation with several L&D issues.

Websites that offer part-time teaching online

  • ClassIn

You must install ClassIn Cam separately on your PC because it is an application specifically designed for the ClassIn virtual classroom. The platform ClassIn was created for teachers and students. With interactive instructional resources, instructors can connect with their students in novel and well-known ways. 

  • Zoom

If you can’t teach in person, Zoom enables you to continue training your class. When students are remote, synchronous online class sessions, where everyone attends a Zoom meeting simultaneously, are one approach to foster involvement. Additional teaching and learning scenarios are also supported by Zoom. Pro plans permit endless meetings with a 30-hour maximum duration.

  • Teachmint

Anyone in the entire world is eligible to become a Cambly teacher. There are no additional requirements, not even teaching experience. The application process emphasises the quality of your devices and internet connection. It differs from the other apps in that there is no cap on the number of pupils that can be added, and there is also no time limit.

  • Quizizz

Include quizzes in your teaching methods regularly. Students can practice their learning by taking weekly or daily quizzes. Teachers often have teachers practice key concepts in real-world situations to prepare students for higher-stakes assessments like standardised tests and final exams.

  • Google meet

A platform for online class instruction that is well-optimized is Google Meet. This post will show you how to utilise Google Meet to conduct online classes. Supported face-to-face learning and online and blended learning technologies that facilitate and advance conventional educational approaches are advantages. LMS may also save businesses time and money by making it simple to manage massive volumes of data in a user-friendly online setting. 

  • Schoology

Teachers, students, and parents can access course materials through Schoology at any time and location. Students and teachers who have access to Schoology can access course materials whenever and wherever they have an online connection, including on cold nights, after school, and sick days.

  • Google Classroom

Streamlining tasks, fostering cooperation, and promoting communication may all be accomplished in your school using Classroom. Using a web browser or a mobile app can access Classroom. You already use numerous applications, including Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar, which are compatible with Classroom.


LMS assists in keeping track of students’ academic achievement and growth. Their records, grades, submissions, and participation in the course are all tracked via an internal feature. Similarly, it gathers essential data and documents students share on the network. Online education offers the added flexibility of creating a schedule that suits everyone’s agenda while allowing the teacher and the student to establish their learning speed. As a result, adopting an online educational platform makes it possible to mix work and study better, so nothing needs to be sacrificed.

By Master Henry

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