Blue World City Vs. Park View City Where to Invest

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The Blue World City Islamabad and park view city are among the famous housing societies on the premises of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, making it a viable real estate investment for all investors, mainly from the twin cities. Moreover, the housing societies have many amenities to offer to their investors and residents at affordable prices. And, to facilitate them further, there will be an option of an installment plan. Furthermore, the master plan of these housing societies has it all for their residents and investors from basic to high-end living standards. Lastly, to know more about the updates of these housing societies, continue reading.

Blue World City Islamabad

The housing society is known for its amenities and facilities. Moreover, the best aspect is that this legal housing society has approval under the Rawalpindi Development Authority. Furthermore, the location is the prime feature as it is close to famous housing societies, like kingdom valley Islamabad and 7 Wonders City. All these aspects make this housing society a feasible investment option for the residents of twin cities, especially if we look at the payment plan of this housing scheme, which is highly affordable and has a choice of an installation program.

Blue World City Location

The Blue World City Location is the prime aspect of the housing society. Moreover, the site is highly accessible from the vital surroundings sites. It is close to Islamabad International Airport, CPEC Route, and Rawalpindi Ring Road. The location makes it’s a feasible real estate investment option for all the investors.

Pros and Cons

The housing society has a lot to offer to its residents and investors. Moreover, the price range of plots is highly affordable, like the seven wonders city payment plan. Furthermore, the features of this housing society are high-quality infrastructure, healthcare facilities, education hub, business opportunities, and availability of all essentials like electricity, gas, and water. So investing here will be a valuable real estate investment.

The only con is the perception of the high plot prices. However, the housing society has an affordable price to facilitate the investors. Most importantly, there will be an option of an installment program.

Park View City

Park View City is also a unique and mesmerizing residential project. Moreover, it is a legal real estate project approved under Capital Development Authority (CDA). The legality has increased the number of investments in this real estate project. Furthermore, it is at Zone IV of Islamabad. The developers of this housing society are the Vision Group, and Aleem Khan is the owner of this development firm. The master has it all from comfort to luxuries to offer the best lifestyle to residents and investors.

Park View City Location

The location of this real estate project is highly approachable from the adjacent vital areas like Serena Hotel Islamabad, Bahria Enclave, and Bani Gala. Moreover, it is close to Chak Shazad near Park Road and Kuri Road. The location is what makes this housing scheme a valuable investment. Therefore, without wasting time, invest here to gain maximum benefits.  

Pros and Cons

There are several perks of investing in this residential project. The first and foremost important aspect is the price range of this development project, just like the Seven Wonders City Payment Plan. Moreover, the master plan includes all features to facilitate the residents and investors, like providing all essentials like electricity, gas, water, parks, and grounds for recreational activities, Grand Mosque, foolproof security, education, and healthcare facilities.

The only con of investing here is the high plot price. However, the payment plan is highly affordable, especially with an installment plan. Therefore, investing here will be a plus for the investors, particularly from the twin cities.


The blue world city and park view city are futuristic and valuable real estate investments. Moreover, both residential projects have much to offer to their investors, like the payment plan, amenities, legal status, location, and many more. Therefore, investment in these will be according to the investors’ wishes. Furthermore, the developers of both housing societies are willing to provide a high-quality living standard to the future residents and the investors. Lastly, to know more regarding these housing societies, visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing.

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