Why study Finance? everything about the career

Why study Finance? everything about the career

The academic offer of universities until you discover which career matches your goals and skills.

For this reason, today we will talk to you about one of the most attractive academic options: the Bachelor’s degree in Finance.

And it is that this professional degree will help you develop a rigorously scientific, technical, and ethical vision of the stock market and corporate science. So if you are passionate about the business environment and financial markets, you are in the right place!

In a few words, this career focuses on generating managerial profiles with executive performance capacity who are trained to make key decisions for the financial and stock market well-being of any organization.

Do you want to know more? Join me in this reading, then we will explain everything related to the degree in Finance.

Skills you need to study Finance

Some of the most common mistakes that students make when choosing a career are to opt for an educational option because their parents propose it, their friends will study it, or simply because of fashion. Without a doubt, this should be avoided at all costs and the ideal is that you investigate as much as possible the careers of your interest before telling you about one.

With this in mind, in this section, we will explain what are the ideal characteristics that you must meet to study the degree in Finance and be an expert on the subject.

Interest in the business environment and financial markets

If you are thinking of studying Finance, without a doubt, you should be interested in the business environment and financial markets.

For example, some newspapers and magazines specialize in generating and publishing information on this field that you surely read or at least have heard of.

In case you’ve never spent time on one of these, don’t worry! It is always a good time to start.

You need to know that when choosing a career, you must be constantly updated and trained, so it is vital that you like to learn about the topics that the professional exercise of your degree will require of you.

The important thing is that you document yourself and that you always have an appetite to know more. Feed your curiosity, worry about having something to read every week and, that way, you can be sure that you will do very well.


Regardless of the career, you decide to study, to achieve your goal of obtaining a professional degree you must have a high level of commitment, from the moment you start your degree until you take your last test or evaluation.

Many people who start their studies decide to abandon them after a few months or after a few years, those who do have their reasons, but what you should avoid is that the lack of commitment leads you to make a bad decision that could affect your future.

Studying for a degree does not simply mean passing all your subjects, but it is also the first step for you to fulfill many of your goals and dreams for the coming years.

So you must always give your best, focus on your studies and prepare every day if you want to have a professional degree and be successful in the workplace.

  1. Ability to take risks and make decisions

Some people may think that the financial world is boring because it is immersed in office environments, formal dress, and executive positions, but the reality is that this profession is exciting and also presents many challenges.

Take into account that it is very likely that if you study the Finance degree you will have to be part of a team or a department in charge of making fundamental decisions for the well-being of the organization in which you collaborate.

That implies that you must be ready to take risks because many times what you determine can have strong financial implications for companies.

Therefore, the key for you to perform optimally in this type of task will be that you have all the necessary information in your hands before making a decision and that you seek the support of other professionals.

Talent for analysis

When studying the Bachelor of Finance you will have to work with data, statistics, figures, and stock market balances almost every day. This depends on the area in which you are going to develop.

For this reason, one of the characteristics that you must have to study Finance is analytical thinking, capable of delving into the information you have, synthesizing data and interpreting it to make reports, make decisions, and create strategic proposals.

As you can see, if you opt for this academic option you will have great challenges to solve every day and that is precisely one of the reasons why this career is one of the most attractive.


Responsibility goes hand in hand with commitment because regularly a committed individual manages to be responsible.

It is a value that all individuals must have to fulfill all their tasks and assignments in the indicated time and with optimal quality. And, it can also be understood as the care that must be taken when making decisions or carrying out a project.

All the subjects you study will have a certain focus, level of complexity, and range of action. You should know that to study this career, you must have the determination to face each of your subjects with the same determination.

One piece of advice that we can give you to help you in this regard and prepare for your university admission is that you rely on technological tools, such as applications, to organize yourself, create alerts, write notes, among other things.

That way, it will be much more difficult for you to forget your earrings and tasks, study wherever you are and have better results.

Remember that your level of responsibility represents you and what your classmates and professors see in you can be key to being offered a position when you graduate.


It is not that you have the same creative ability that plastic artists or designers have, but you must have the ability to find innovative solutions to all the financial challenges that you will find on your way.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Finance career is that it is governed by many factors that are already defined and have existed for decades, such as the stock market, but the truth is that everything is not written.

This career allows you to develop your imagination so that you can think, apply and develop new ways of studying what already exists.

An example of this is the idea presented by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness in conjunction with the digital transaction application Ezuza.

This initiative was presented as one of the 19 most timely initiatives for innovative projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.

What is it about? The main objective of the project is to promote financial inclusion through an electronic platform for mobile payments in social programs, which would make it easier for people with many needs in Mexico to have their economic support more directly and simply.


Proactivity is more than anything an attitude that refers to how you as a professional can anticipate participating in the realization of an event, task or project, without the need for someone else to ask you.

This, without a doubt, you can start applying from your university stage, since it will be in your hands to help other classmates and teachers with some activities that you think can encourage you to learn more or that can contribute to your work profile.

If you identify with this and think you already do today, great! This characteristic will be very important for you if you decide to study for the Bachelor of Finance.


Another of the most important skills that you must have if you decide to study Finance is leadership skills.

As I mentioned before, this career trains you to hold high-level executive positions in all types of companies. Therefore, you must have everything you need to coordinate work teams as efficiently as possible.

It is also essential that you can delegate tasks and indicate roles and responsibilities to all members of your department.

Surely you can think that before being a leader you must start being part of teams and that also happens during the race. Before you learn to be a coordinator, you will know what are the best practices to work together with your colleagues and how you can have the best attitude to always help them.

Good! Now that you know the skills necessary to study Finance, what do you think if you read a little about what you can learn during your degree?

What do you learn when you study Finance?

The learning that you can have if you decide to study Finance is very broad, in such a way that you are not only going to study topics related to the stock market and corporate.

For example, during the first semesters, you will receive lessons related to day-to-day business. You will study the administration of companies and you will also have to put your mathematical knowledge into practice.

In addition, your training will include subjects related to the management and interpretation of information and the control of financial data. All this will also be accompanied by the basic principles of macroeconomics and microeconomics.

Another very important aspect that you will study is an oral and written expression, since although it may seem like something very simple that you have already practiced for many years, having the ability to write all your arguments, precisely, and correctly is key in professional practice. of Finance.

On the other hand, during your time at university, you must also pass specialized subjects that will help you perform specific tasks when you enter the world of work.

In these you will learn about the laws that intervene in the financial markets and the operation of companies, you will develop skills and learn about accounting, you will focus on everything related to investment in banking and you will understand the current business landscape.

Likewise, you will discover how to evaluate investment projects, you will understand what are the types of risks that you will face in the world of finance and how to deal with them, you will acquire the necessary skills to value a company and you will have chairs focused on marketing, that is, in the creation of marketing and promotion strategies for goods and services, market research and the identification of niches.

Also, your academic program will prepare you to develop with expertise in one of the fundamental areas for companies: tax management. And it is that complying with tax obligations promptly is vital for an organization to exist.

Of course, you will also have classes in which you will focus on ethical principles and best practices to perform as a professional with a degree in Finance.

Good! These are just some of the things you will learn if you decide to become a financier. If you have identified with what you have read so far and want to know more, do not stop reading!

Next, we will talk a little about what awaits you in the world of work if you study Finance.

labor field

One of the great advantages of the Finance career, in addition to offering very broad and specialized training to its students as we saw in the previous section, is that it offers endless opportunities to its graduates in the workplace.

Do you want to know what kind of positions you could have when you finish your degree? Well, in this reading we will talk about the main vacancies that you can fill.

Let’s get started!

Financial risk analyst

Companies of all kinds, but especially those that are larger, need on their payroll a person who is an expert in calculating the financial risks of certain actions for the organization.

If you are passionate about this type of activity, you will be able to collect the necessary information and decide when a project is viable in economic terms for a company and when it represents a risk that should not be taken.

In short, you will have the financial health of an institution in your hands and your main objective will be to achieve stability and orderly and successful growth.

Financial market operator

Financial markets are in constant motion. For this reason, companies, especially those listed on the stock market, have operators who are in charge of monitoring the value of their shares, making recommendations on what and how to buy, and ensuring that the shares of their company are stable.

If you like challenges and you are a very dynamic and analytical person, this may be the ideal position for your profile. Of course, it will also be necessary that you know how to work under pressure, that you function effectively intense situations, and that you are not afraid to make high-impact decisions.

Business advisor

Many companies hire finance graduates to be primarily responsible for advising on investment strategies.

When doing this work, you will have to protect the organizations so that they have the least amount of losses, but more than anything so that they obtain the greatest possible profit, when allocating their money to different projects.

In itself, your mission will be to support organizations so that they increase their profitability and value, meet their growth goals, and correctly manage all their tax obligations.

Keep in mind that you can do this both within a company that specializes in this type of activity and independently.

If you decide on the latter, you will be able to define the cost for your services and the hours in which you will work, which can be very beneficial for you depending on your lifestyle.

Director of companies

Undoubtedly, another of the positions that you will be able to cover in companies of various kinds when you graduate from your career, is that of management.

And it is that as we have seen throughout this article when you graduate from the Finance career, you will have very broad training in the business world, the operation of companies, information management, and decision making, so you will be one of the most competitive candidates to serve as the leader of an organization.

Of course, you can also be part of the Finance department of any company or start your own company.

As you can see, the bachelor’s degree in Finance allows you to collaborate in multiple fields and has a very wide scope, so you won’t have to worry about your work being monotonous or about the lack of opportunities, but you will even have the possibility to choose between multiple options. of employment.

Good! We are almost at the end of our reading, but before we finish, what do you think if you know other benefits of studying Finance? If your answer is positive, keep reading!

Benefits of studying Finance

Surely, after everything you have read so far, you have already identified many of the benefits that a career in Finance can offer you, but in any case, we need to delve a little deeper into this topic.

Remember that the decision about which career you will study is one of the most important you will make in your life, so it is worth knowing as much as possible about the academic options of your interest.

You will have a competitive salary

The first thing you should know is that upon graduating with a Finance degree, according to data from the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), you will be able to obtain competitive remuneration for your work. In fact, according to the institution, the average salary of those who studied this degree is $16,720 per month, a much higher figure than the average salary of workers in our country, which is $5,783.

Of course, if you graduate from a university with a long history, a quality academic program, and great recognition, in addition to specializing, and giving your best every day, you could have a much higher income.

You can easily get a job in your business

Another of the great advantages that Finance graduates have is that according to the aforementioned IMCO report, those who have this professional title have an employment rate of 95.7%.

Keep in mind that according to the institution of every 100 professionals in our country, 60 work in an activity outside of their line of business, but if you study Finance this will not happen to you, quite the opposite, you will have endless opportunities to exercise your branch of knowledge.

So, do you want to study a career that gives you security about the possibility of finding a job in the areas that you are passionate about? In that case, the Bachelor of Finance is the one for you!

Of course, these benefits are just some of the long list that you can enjoy if you decide to study Finance. Do not forget that comprehensive and specialized training is also part of these.

Good! With this, we finish the reading. I hope that now you have much more clarity about the career of Finance, specifically about what it is about, the skills you need to have to study it, what you can learn if you study it, and the possible jobs you can apply for when you have your degree.

Remember, studying at a quality university, with employability and career programs, is key for you to be successful in meeting your goals.

In addition, if that university also offers you the possibility of studying abroad for a few months or doing professional internships, it is the right one

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