Why Is It Worth Using Video Marketing In Your Company?

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Statistics show that video marketing is gaining popularity year by year. In 2018, as many as 85% of consumers would like to see more films prepared by brands. 83% of entrepreneurs say it brings the expected return on investment. What is video marketing and how do you start doing it?

More and more content is appearing on the Internet, the greatest increase of which is video. Consumers are more likely to switch to watching movies on the Internet. These are not only entertainment but also advertising films. The latest data shows that we watch up to 1.5 hours of movies on the web a day. Video has an advantage over text because it engages even the laziest audience.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is significantly different from traditional TV advertising because it is designed to receive consumers’ reactions and has an interactive posts character. Recipients can comment on the message and point out or praise the company. In traditional advertising, the message is one-sided; there is no possibility of a direct response. It is very important for the recipients to feel close to the brand and enter into a dialogue with it.

Video marketing is a type of video content, i.e. videos presenting the brand and its products on the Internet, posted not only on YouTube, but also on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, in a word: in all social media .

Types of video marketing

Videos on the web are more and more varied, better edited and present more and more interesting content. You don’t need the latest equipment to create good quality video. What matters is the idea, establishing good contact with the target group and a sense of business. Video marketing is:

  • Films showing the brand behind the scenes – preparations for a given event or launch of a new product , employee birthdays, important events in the company’s life, interesting facts;
  • Instruction and presentation of the product – concerning, for example, the operation of the product (it will be perfect for introducing new products and wanting to show customers how they work, launching a new platform, telling the company’s history or showing reviews of a product or service);
  • Guide video – if the company is, for example,  an Internet provider , it can additionally record videos that will guide the customer in the selection of hosting , cloud or other ICT solutions
  • Animations – e.g. how customers developed their business thanks to good hosting – data in the form of animation, which is a kind of storytelling ;
  • Humorous videos – telling about the company in a contradictory way, but building a relationship.

How to go about video marketing?

Viewers remember as much as 95% of the advertising message, which makes it much more effective than text. Much depends on the length of the movie: let it not exceed a few minutes, preferably a dozen or so seconds. Such a short film forces you to concentrate as much as possible on what you want to show and make the message more specific. Videos have an educational dimension and inspire the trust of the audience. If you want to effectively reach your audience, it is worth:

  • Know clients and know what types of films are most interesting to them,
  • Take care of SEO (also in file names),
  • Share the video in several social media channels along with the text,
  • Ensure that the video is clearly visible on mobile devices,
  • Share subtitles in movies (over 80% of recipients watch movies on smartphones without sound),
  • Test and ask your audience what they need.
By Master James

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