Why Is It Necessary To Carry Out A Constant Cleaning Of An Industrial Warehouse?

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An industrial building also needs maintenance to remain in proper condition. The main reason for this is that cleaning contributes to the proper functioning of the machinery and the performance of each of the operators.

In this post we will show you everything that is needed to clean industrial buildings and why it is so important to keep these spaces impeccable.

What is an industrial warehouse?

To begin, we will talk about the basics: what is an industrial warehouse. It is a building where industrial-type activities are carried out, such as the production and storage of industrial goods with the support of machinery and workers.

Within it, different types of economic activities are applied and its spaces must be wide to allow the entry and exit of merchandise or internal transport.

 Why is cleaning so important in an industrial warehouse?

The industrial warehouse rengøring service is essential for the place because, although it is not the number one characteristic in generating success for a company, it helps with other actions such as:

  • The prevention of occupational accidents
  • Reduces the risk of occupational diseases (About 30% of days lost are due to contagious diseases.)
  • Lower range of failures in machinery
  • Friendly environment for workers
  • Improved mood and motivation of employees

Monterrey is the main industrial market in Mexico with more than 10 million m 2 , in 1Q20220 operating optimally is vital for the manufacturing industry in Nuevo León cleaning industrial warehouses allows the entire manufacturing industry to effectively operate its activities production and internal logistics.

Despite the crisis brought about by COVID-19, growth in the manufacturing, logistics and automotive sectors is expected in Monterrey for this 20220 thanks to the current cleaning standards. 

Aspects to take into account in the cleaning of industrial buildings

As we have already noted, the cleaning of industrial buildings is essential for their good and correct operation. However, once the company that can perform this service is contracted, emphasis should be placed on the following aspects:

  • Total disinfection of the facilities
  • Deep cleaning of spaces at least once a month
  • That the cleaning be effective so that it allows the production hall to work normally
  • Create a series of schedules within the work so that they do not interfere during the production and delivery of merchandise

It is also important that the company that offers the industrial warehouse cleaning service knows the needs of the factory, and the details of each of the spaces in which it works.

What are the cleaning services that should be offered in industrial buildings?

To carry out a successful cleaning of industrial buildings, it is necessary that the company you hire follows these steps in a linear way:

  • Analyze in detail each need of the spaces and if there are risks, to formulate a cleaning plan that gives exactly what is needed.
  • Perform maintenance on production lines.
  • Clean and sanitize networks where possible leaks or imminent risk.
  • Clean offices, warehouses, dressing rooms, and other areas that deserve it.
  • Eliminate toxic or industrial waste found in the warehouse.
  • General cleaning of all surfaces of the industrial warehouse.

The importance of cleaning industrial buildings is directly linked to the economy of the city, since one of the factors that allows the correct operation of the 176 industrial parks in Monterrey is their cleaning and maintenance.

At Jacobsens Rengøring we are specialists in the cleaning service for industrial buildings in Nuevo León. Contact us and learn about our services!

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