Why is gastroenterology a life-saving test? 90% of digestive diseases are concentrated in the digestive tract!

Why is gastroenterology a life-saving test? 90% of digestive diseases are concentrated in the digestive tract!

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 There is one kind of examination that most people reject from the heart – gastroenterology. But it is this inspection that makes countless people afraid, but it can really “save lives”. How does it save lives? Who needs gastroenterology? Gastrointestinal endoscopists will answer you one by one.

1. How important is gastroenterology?

 The human digestive tract goes through the mouth-esophagus-stomach-small intestine-large intestine-anus and is divided into upper, middle, and lower digestive tracts. 90% of digestive diseases are concentrated in the upper and lower digestive tracts. Gastrointestinal endoscopy is the most direct and accurate inspection method for lesions in these parts. 

 But it is such an important examination, but many people refuse, mainly because they feel afraid, troublesome, and painful. To refuse endoscopy is to live with one’s own life. There are four digestive system tumors among the top five tumors in China, including gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer, and liver cancer. Due to the fear of gastrointestinal endoscopy, one person in China is diagnosed with gastric cancer every 1 minute, and one person is diagnosed with colorectal cancer about every 1.5 minutes. There are nearly 700,000 new cases of gastric cancer and nearly 400,000 cases of colorectal cancer every year. The incidence rate is increasing year by year, and it is getting younger and younger.

Gastrointestinal endoscopy is the first choice for screening esophagus, stomach, and colorectal diseases, and it is also the current “gold standard” for diagnosing gastrointestinal cancer, especially in the detection of early cancer, which is irreplaceable by any other inspection method! Endoscopists can see the gastrointestinal tract at a glance through gastrointestinal endoscopy, which can not only diagnose lesions but also treat lesions under endoscopy.

 At present, the 5-year survival rate of early gastrointestinal cancer is as high as 90% or even curable. If it develops into middle and late-stage cancer, the 5-year survival rate is lower than 30%. It is also cancer, but the prognosis is very different. It can be seen how important the early screening of gastroenterology is! In the early stage of gastrointestinal cancer, most patients have no obvious symptoms, and most people do not take the initiative to go to the hospital for screening, or those with symptoms are delayed again and again due to various reasons such as fear and neglect. 85% of gastrointestinal cancers are in the middle and late stages, and the best time for treatment is often missed!

2. Who should undergo gastroenterology?

 1. Those over 40 years old;

 2. Helicobacter pylori infection;

 3. Patients with precancerous diseases (such as atrophic gastritis, ulcers, polyps, etc.);

 4. People with esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, intestinal cancer, or other digestive tract cancer in first-degree relatives;

 5. People in high-incidence areas such as gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, and bowel cancer;

 6. Those who have the habit of high salt, pickled, smoked, barbecued food, smoking, drinking, etc.;

 7. People with gastrointestinal symptoms, such as abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, dysphagia, belching, acid regurgitation, changes in bowel habits or properties, abdominal mass, etc.

3. Is gastroenterology that uncomfortable?

 Many people are resistant to gastroenterology examinations. Gastroenterology examinations are not that scary. Usually, the examination process only takes a few minutes to ten minutes. Observe the precautions of gastroenterology before the examination, and relax during the examination. With the mood and cooperation of the doctor, the vast majority of people can complete the examination.

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