What is the use of insurance policy number? How to find it?

What is the use of insurance policy number? How to find it?

Insurance policy number

Each insurance contract or policy taken out is accompanied by an insurance policy number. This is unique and allows the insured object to be identified for both the insurer and the policyholder. Indicated on multiple documents, it may be mentioned under the title of insurance policy number or contract number. What exactly is it for? How to find it? Our answers are in this file.

What is an insurance policy? What is the number? What use?

The insurance policy is a commitment taken out for any form of insurance (home, auto, health, civil liability, legal protection, school insurance, professional insurance, travel insurance, etc.) and which involves the two parties concerned, namely the insurer and the insured. The insured subscribes to an insurance policy contract and undertakes to pay insurance premiums to the insurer who, in turn, undertakes to cover him against the risks for which he is insured. In summary, the insurance policy is an insurance contract.

The insurance policy, signed by both parties as part of their commitment, lists all the terms and conditions of the insurance taken out. From warranties to prices, including certain points such as the obligations of the parties, the terms of termination, and other subjects, this document includes all the terms of the contract and serves as a reference for both parties in all situations concerning the insurance taken out.

Each insurance policy has a unique number which is a code associated with a contract. This number can be requested in many situations, in particular when the insured must provide proof of his coverage. He may therefore have to provide it in the event of an amicable report, as part of his holidays, for his children’s school, for the protection of his home, etc.

An insurance policy number is attached to a single object and not to a category. Thus, the insured who has several vehicles has one insurance policy number per insured vehicle, and providing them makes it possible to identify each one more quickly with the insurer if necessary.

How do I find an insurance policy number?

When the number of his insurance policy is asked to an insured, he has several ways to find it:

  • on the initial insurance contract: the insurance policy number is indicated in several places on the initial insurance contract;
  • on the insurance certificate issued by the insurer: this certificate is delivered to the insured in person or by post or it is accessible online and can be downloaded;
  • on the notice of expiry: each year, the insurer sends the insured a notice of expiry to indicate his tacit renewal and allow him, if he wishes, to put an end to his contract, and this, within a period of between three months and two weeks before the anniversary date;
  • on documents in any form received from the company: when your insurance company sends you a letter by post or electronically, it must mention the number of your insurance policy to identify the contract concerned ;
  • on the green card: in the context of car insurance, the green card of the insured vehicle includes the insurance policy number.

If despite these possibilities, you still cannot find your insurance policy number, you can contact your insurer by telephone and ask them for it. Note that the insurance policy number is sometimes entered under the contract number heading. It is indeed the same thing.

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