What is the safest type of tanning?

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What is a tanning accelerator?

Accelerators for tanning or tan are lotions or nutrients (they treat the skin internally) which increase melanin production within our skin. They don’t contain artificial colors or color such as self-tanners.

When we apply this cosmetic, we can accelerate and increase the tan we get naturally by exposing ourselves to sun’s UVA radiation. This means that you will are able to get tanned quickly without having to wait for so long.

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The product should not be suitable for people with phototype I. They, since they are not able to produce melanin, are not able to block sunlight naturally. However, this accelerator can worsen the issue and cause skin lesions. Therefore, it is essential to maintain healthy skin in order to avoid sunburn .

Properties and what they’re to be used for

This product is suggested for pools, beaches, pools, rivers, and outdoor spaces where you’re exposed to sunlight in addition to UVA radiation beds or cabins. They do not lighten the skin.

While it increases and decreases the time of tanning however, it makes it more difficult to burn. So, it is essential to shield your skin after every application. A suitable body moisturizer is a great way to calm your skin after the sunbath.

Use sunscreen in a safe manner

How do you apply

First when you are looking for a cream emulsion, or spray tanning accelerator we recommend making it at home, or immediately upon arrival on the beach or the sun-exposure area.

They’re the best way to prepare your skin for the summer months.

Applying it evenly to the face and body and face, the cream is applied to nourished skin without any trace of fat. This way, we can be able to avoid the appearance of staining because of improper application or from an accumulation of fat in particular areas, thus preventing the product from properly penetrating.

If your skin is prone to spots, you might be interested in our post on the best creams for depigmentation available .

When applying the cream, keep your mind in the forefront that you could be exposed to sunlight for a period of 10 to 15 minutes without protection, contingent on the acceleration. Longer exposure is risky and is not recommended.

Apply sunscreen if you plan to sunbathe. It’s true, with the right protection, you will maintain your skin’s health and prevent the aging process from happening. It will also prolong the time your tan will last.

After sun exposure, moisturize your skin. This will help your skin elastic as well as prevent peeling and fighting free radicals. So you won’t lose your tan and peel.

Unsufficiently protecting our skin could result in staining, such as the typical mustache stain , so it is essential to know how to distinguish an appropriate sunscreen for your body from a sunscreen designed for the face .

When to apply

If you’re planning to choose the pill-based format it is recommended to begin using it 15 days prior to going out in the sun, so that your skin can prepare itself. Additionally it is necessary to continue the treatment every day you’re exposed to the sun for 15 days after you stop the treatment. So, beta-carotene can make the time for tan to be longer.

There are various tanning accelerators that work based on the tone of your skin and the amount of sun exposure you’ve been exposed to, for instance, Sea Bronze has Phase I as well as Phase II and III.

  • Phase I. Extreme Wild Color. Self-tanning cream for skin that is starting to get tanned.
  • Phase II. Maximun Feral Dark. A skin tan accelerator that’s already lightly tanned and wishes to enhance the hue.
  • Phase III. Sea Max Savage Tan. The ultimate lotion for extremely tanned skin.

This lotion is composed of marine elements which boosts the skin’s natural defenses. It also gives an deep bronze.

The active ingredients of the product are derived from:

  • Sea water is a great way to balance the skin and improves the absorption capacity other active ingredients through Osmosis.
  • Unipertan The source is vegetable, and it protects the skin thanks to its high hydration capabilities.
  • Oily extract from walnut shell contains moisturizing properties and provides an even tone to the skin.
  • Copper glycoproteins increase the production of elastin on the skin, and fight sun-induced photoaging.
  • Melanin : Its antioxidant properties enhance the dermis and prevent damages due to UV radiation.
  • Tyrosine It is a natural amino acid combats free radicals that harm cells.
  • Tirosilane C fights skin wear caused by being exposed to UV radiation as well as the creation free radicals.
  • Pure thermal plankton: Protects enhances, and strengthens your skin’s barrier.
  • aloe vera is a plant that has regenerative properties that aid in healing and calm the skin.
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