What is the average price of motorcycle insurance in Quebec?

What is the average price of motorcycle insurance in Quebec?

Motorcycle insurance in Quebec has seen prices increase in recent years: more traffic, more bikers, more motorcycle accidents. In fact, having good motorcycle insurance is important to deal with the dangers of the road.

Are you the proud owner of a motorcycle, and wondering how much motorcycle insurance costs in Quebec?

In this exclusive guide, we tell you all about the average price of motorcycle insurance in Quebec: the influencing factors, the guarantees offered, and all the other things to keep in mind when shopping for insurance prices. motorbike.

What are the factors impacting the average price of motorcycle insurance?

Multiple factors influence the price of motorcycle insurance in Quebec. In fact, to get an idea of ​​​​the average price of motorcycle insurance in our Belle Province, it is necessary to study all these factors one by one, without which we cannot get a fair idea of ​​​​​​the price of insurance. motorbike. Among these factors are:

  • The model of motorcycle to be insured: the power of your motorcycle, the model, the cylinder, the rarity are elements taken into account by the insurer
  • Your geographic traffic area: whether you are driving in Montreal or in the countryside, the price of your motorcycle insurance will change
  • The mileage traveled with your motorcycle: if you do a few kilometers, this will affect the price of your motorcycle insurance
  • The use of your motorcycle: your motorcycle insurance price will be cheaper if you use your vehicle only for leisure. Conversely, it will be higher if you go to work every day with
  • Parking: obviously, parking your motorcycle in the street is a risk factor, for which insurers will set a higher motorcycle insurance price
  • Your driving record: If you have a little driving history, whether motorcycle or car, your premium will drop over the years
  • The age of your license: novice drivers are subject to an additional premium for motorcycle insurance. If you have a car license before your motorcycle license, your premiums may be cheaper than if you had no license
  • Your age: young people are, according to statistics, the cause of more accidents. Motorcycle insurance, therefore, costs more for them.

What is the best price for motorcycle insurance in Quebec?

In reality, rather than searching at all costs for the best price for motorcycle insurance, it is important to get clear on the guarantees that we are looking for and to shop around for several motorcycle insurance policies with these guarantees. This method is indeed the best way to find the best price… adapted to your needs!

We give you in the following sections orders of magnitude so that you can have benchmarks in terms of the average price of motorcycle insurance.

How to find the best price for motorcycle insurance in Quebec?

Finding the best price for motorcycle insurance is not necessarily an easy quest. In fact, you can try to find motorcycle insurance prices on the sites of different companies, but this is long and tedious.

At Hellosafe.ca, our advice for finding the best price for motorcycle insurance is to shop as much as possible through an online comparator. In fact, these comparators make it possible to display the best motorcycle insurance prices on a single page, in complete transparency, which considerably facilitates your search for the best price of snowmobile insurance. We allow you via the button below to access an online motorcycle insurance price comparison, which will make your life easier.

What is the average price of basic liability motorbike insurance?

Civil liability motorcycle insurance is the mandatory minimum coverage imposed by the SAAQ in Quebec. It covers you in the event that you cause bodily injury or material damage to others while riding your motorcycle. Be aware that the price of basic motorcycle insurance with the simple coverage of your liability will cost you on average between $10 and $19 per month, from the lowest to the highest motorcycle displacement.

What are the guarantees that increase the average price of motorcycle insurance?

The previous section gives an overview of motorcycle insurance prices with simple liability – that is, basic cover that does not cover other forms of risk. But know that the more guarantees you add, the more your motorcycle insurance price will increase. Additional coverages that drive up the average price of motorcycle insurance include:

  • Risks of collision and rollover
  • Theft, vandalism, and fire
  • The travel expenses guarantee, which allows you to avoid replacement transport costs after an accident
  • The replacement value guarantee, allows you to protect your motorcycle against the depreciation of its price over a given period.

Below are indicative average price ranges for motorcycle insurance prices in Quebec including all these warranties, for a 2018 HONDA CMX500 model, for a 31-year-old driver residing in Montreal, driver’s license holder for more than 5 years.

What influence does the driving record have on the average price of motorcycle insurance?

Your insurer may request access to your driving record. It will thus check whether you present a risk profile. Logically, a bad driving record will increase your motorcycle insurance price. Insurers can even go so far as to refuse to give you a motorcycle insurance price if your record is too bad. Here are some of the most common reasons for refusal by motorcycle insurance companies in Quebec:

  • Drunk driving
  • Drug use
  • Too many offenses lately
  • You do not pay your premiums, you are considered a “bad payer”
  • You have been convicted of an accident.
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