What is deductible health insurance and how does it work?

health insurance

In some countries, it has become essential to have health insurance. Every day that passes, people are more aware of the importance of having a policy before they need it. Some opt for international health insurance due to the breadth of benefits, if that is your case, I invite you to analyze what it is, what the advantages are, and what to do if you want to choose one. 

What is international health insurance?

Health insurance is an agreement between the beneficiary and the insurance company through which a package of medical benefits of global scope is obtained.

International health insurance specifies what benefits or services are covered, up to what amount in USD it covers, and what services are not included in your international insurance policy. The policies in turn have annexes that we must read to identify the details of some specific coverage.

Some of the benefits of international health insurance are:

  • Hospitalization, room, and accommodation of the patient and companion.
  • Scheduled surgeries.
  • Cancer treatments, dialysis, and prosthetics
  • organ transplant
  • Outpatient services for the patient
  •  pediatric services
  • laboratory services

It should be noted that these benefits may increase or decrease depending on the insurance company.

Advantages of international health insurance

  • Access to treatments and advanced medicine.
  • Cash service abroad.
  • Protection of your assets in the event of a serious illness

Who is international health insurance designed for?

An international health insurance deductible is generally designed for people who spend a lot of time outside their country of residence and need extensive medical coverage for hospitalization, surgery, and maternity around the world.

However, it is also contracted by people who wish to have access to an exclusive medical care network superior to what is offered by the medical insurance in their country of residence.

What is a deductible?

Most international insurances have deductibles which is an amount in USD that you must pay to receive medical care. After payment, the insurance company is responsible for other expenses and compensation.

Many people purchase more basic insurance or travel insurance that covers the amount of the deductible to avoid this expense.

What should I do if I want to take out international health insurance?

The most advisable thing is to contact an Insurance Advisor or Agent because, if you receive the correct advice, you will make the correct choice, take into account all the benefits, details and find the company plan that best suits your needs. needs.

At protegetuviaje.com we have a commercial ally who, with all the pleasure in the world, can help you in this regard.

International health insurance or travel insurance?

  • International health insurance has a deductible, travel insurance has no deductible.
  • Travel insurance does not cover scheduled surgeries, maternity, or cancer treatment.
  • Travel insurance includes compensation for flight cancellations or loss of luggage.
  • Travel insurance is designed to cover immediate emergencies for a limited time.
  • International health insurance is for those who work or live abroad, it is broader in terms of medical treatment

Something worth mentioning is that many people who have international insurance purchase travel insurance to have luggage backup, receive medical assistance, and cover the deductible of their international insurance. 

Why is it important to make a decision? 

Every day, many people die in a hospital bed due to the impossibility of receiving the treatment they need, others have lost all or a large part of their assets to pay for health treatment. We hope that this is not your case or that of your loved ones, that you do not need insurance to understand the importance of having it. 

There is a wide variety of plans that can be adjusted to our budget, you just need to want to make sure and have good advice.

By Master James

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