What does car insurance cover? How to buy car insurance?

What does car insurance cover? How to buy car insurance?

 Nowadays, more and more people are buying cars. After buying a new car, most people want to get a license plate for their car. This is understandable, but don’t forget to have car insurance! Many car owners who lack car insurance knowledge often have such confusion: if they have an accident, it happens that the insurance is not covered, so they cannot get a claim; if they have full insurance, it seems that it is not necessary. Therefore, car owners should first understand what car insurance is available, and then choose the car insurance that suits them according to the actual situation of their car, to be economical and prevent problems before they happen. Reasonable purchase of insurance. Let’s take a look with me next.

 There are two general types of auto insurance: compulsory traffic insurance and commercial insurance. Compulsory traffic insurance is the first compulsory insurance system formulated and implemented by national laws in my country, and every car owner must pay. This is mandatory.

 Next, let’s look at commercial insurance. Commercial insurance includes car damage insurance, third-party liability insurance, vehicle personnel liability insurance, full car theft rescue, and other additional insurances. Car damage insurance is responsible for compensating for vehicle losses caused by natural disasters or accidents, which is the main type of auto insurance; and third-party liability insurance was listed as a compulsory insurance type in many areas before the introduction of compulsory traffic insurance, which shows its importance. . The third-party liability insurance is responsible for compensating for the third-party personal injury or property damage in an accident that exceeds the compensation limit of the compulsory traffic insurance. Due to the low compensation for the third party’s property damage and medical expenses, it is necessary to purchase third-party liability insurance as a supplement to the compulsory traffic insurance. For most car owners who have just taken a driver’s license test, it is recommended to purchase an insurance amount of 300,000-500,000 yuan to obtain effective protection.

 The owner, Mr. Wei, bought a Santana a few years ago and completely followed the agent’s recommendation when applying for insurance. The car was stolen within a month of driving. He looked out his insurance policy and saw that he did not go to theft and rescue, and could not get a claim. After he suffered a loss this time, he seriously studied car insurance knowledge and became a know-it-all in car insurance knowledge among car friends. He suggested that car owners need to pay attention to some details of car insurance after they understand what car insurance has.

 First, read the car insurance terms carefully. Many car owners only roughly know the name of the car insurance type and understand what it is insured. As everyone knows, each insurance type is very knowledgeable. Only by reading the insurance terms can the insured car insurance play the biggest role. Second, pay special attention to the exclusions of each type of insurance. Disputes in many auto insurance cases are often caused by car owners ignoring exclusions when applying for insurance. The novice car insurance knowledge is relatively lacking, and do not know what car insurance is. Mr. Wei suggests that the novice should choose an insurance company with a good reputation and comprehensive after-sales service. After the accident, there will also be professional insurance company personnel to help solve the claims.

 I think every car owner has been carefully selected when buying insurance and buying car insurance can make the car more secure on the road full of dangers. Therefore, car owners to buy car insurance, not only must first understand what car insurance has, but also look at the restrictive provisions in some insurance clauses. Pay attention to the insurance details, so that the car can get more favorable protection. You won’t waste money yourself.

By Master James

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