What did Will happen After Death According to Islam?

After Death According to Islam

What Will Happen After Death According to Islam

People wonder what will happen after death. Death is a fact, and everyone has to taste it. No living being on earth will live forever. Today or tomorrow, everyone has to leave this planet. In every religion, there are some certain beliefs in life after death. Some have beliefs about the Day of Judgment, while others believe that the departed soul returns to the world again.

It is a part of our belief “Eman” to believe in life after death. But to clear everyone’s curiosity about what will happen after death according to Islam, we have compiled this article. It will solve all your astonishment and curiosity about life after death.

To explain the whole scenario to you regarding what will happen after the death in Islam, we have divided this article into three pieces; demise from Dunya, the questions to be asked in grave, and resurrection. So, please read the article till the end, and get knowledge.

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Demise from Dunya:

“Every soul will taste death” Al Quran, chapter 3, verse no. 185

Everyone has to demise from this world, and every living being has to taste the death. No one will survive and live except Allah. Humans are here for examination, and whatever they do, the two angles note it. They note every single act of humans. All the good acts- virtues- and bad acts- sins- are noted and presented to Allah Almighty.

Barzakh Period- scenario in the grave:

 When a human die, it means his interaction with this world come to an end, and there is a new period start for him, which is called the “Barzakh period .”It is a period that starts in the grave. It doesn’t mean that those who burn a dead body will escape the period of Barzakh. Barzakh period starts right where a dead body is left.

Muslims believe that Hazrat Azrael (A.S)- the angel of Allah- is responsible for retrieving the soul from the human. After the soul is retrieved, it is kept in “El’lien. It is a place for the righteous people. If the demised soul is sinful, his soul is kept in “Sij’jien .”It is a place for sinful people.

There is also a process of question and answer in the grave. The angles of Allah ask three questions from each human. Those who are righteous would answer easily. The first question to be asked in “Barzakh” is, “Who is your Lord?” “Who is your prophet?” and “What is your faith?”.

After that, the righteous people rest in peace, and the sinful people endure the suffering of Barzakh till the Day of Judgement.

The Resurrection:

In the resurrection, Muslims believe. Allah SWT will revive us again on the Day of Judgment. All human beings, from Hazrat Adam A.S till the last man to die on earth, all will be resurrected on that day. On that day, Allah Almighty will ask every human one by one. Every act of humans will be scrutinized on that day. Those whose virtues are more than their sins will be granted paradise “Jannah .”And those whose sins are greater than virtues will be consigned to hell “Jahannam.”

From there, a never-ending life will start. That’s what we have compiled on life after death according to Islam.


We, humans, are made of errors. We are here to be tested. So, whenever we commit a sin, we need to repent in front of Allah and promise not to repeat the same thing. Allah SWT is so kind to His servants that He can forgive all the sins if one repents from the core of his heart. May Allah SWT guide us and enter us to Jannah. Ameen

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