Washing Machine faucet: How to Install?


Buying the best faucet for washing machine and tank is essential for setting up your home’s laundry area. There are several options of faucets available on the market: some are just for the washing machine, while the simple ones are only compatible with the tank. There are also double and triple options, and ones that need an adapter. To help you, we have prepared a guide with tips for installing each type of faucet and we indicate the best models to buy.

Washing machine faucet: which one is ideal

Traditional and more basic model, the tank faucet is used when the user only needs a water outlet. When choosing your model, choose one that fits the size of the tank. The installation needs to be done at the ideal height, because if it is too low, it can disrupt the flow of water, and if it is at an exaggerated height, the waterfall will wet everything around.

Faucet for tank and washing machine

The faucet for tank and machine has two water outlets that allow each to be used independently from the same water source. To have a more practical day to day, the ideal thing is that your washing machine is positioned next to the tank. wash terraces using hoses.

Washing Machine Faucet:

To avoid closing the general register, it is interesting to have a washing machine faucet. That’s because it will control the water output only from the washer. Before buying, please pay attention to the material of the accessory. Chrome metal ones are more resistant to corrosion and oxidation caused by water.

How to adapt and install faucet for washing machine?

Before buying a faucet for a washing machine and tank, the first step is to check the amount of hydraulic installations on site. If there is only one water outlet, the most practical choice is the double tap. Thus, the simultaneous use of the tank and the washing machine will be possible.

Also check the manual for your washer or washer and dryer to see if the model asks for any specifics regarding the faucet. Regarding the tank, the best is a faucet with greater water flow to make the washes faster. Tips to remove smell from bathroom

For correct installation, the location must have a unique tap with a ¾ inch thread to receive the washing machine hose. The water pressure also needs to be adequate. For this, the ideal is that the water tank is at a height of 2 to 80 meters above the level of the faucet. With the machine, hose and faucet ready, screw the inlet hose to the faucet, avoiding the use of thread-sealing tapes.

If the space available allows for a separate installation for the washing machine, a washing machine faucet adapter will be required. It is a connection in the form of “elbow/knee” with a spike, which is the piece that is crimped. The machine’s hose is connected to the spigot of the adapter, which in turn is connected directly to the recessed connection in the wall. In this way, the flow takes place directly in the sewer pipe, preventing dirt from falling or water leaking into the environment.

In a semi-automatic or six-pack washing machine, the water change is not automatic. In this case, it is not always necessary to install a faucet for a washing machine. Just unhook the hose that is on the back support of the appliance and take it to the tank to drain.

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