Vastu Shastra Tips For New Home

Vastu Shastra Tips

Do you know what makes a house a home? It is the energy in that home. According to Vastu Shastra, when people live in a home, they get influenced by that energy. There is a strong relationship between the energy and vibes in the home and the art of Vastu. Buying a new house brings happiness, peace, and prosperity if it is built correctly. With the help of Vastu Shastra, you can ensure that every corner of your home is full of happiness, peace, and positivity.

If you plan to settle into a new home, follow these practical Vastu Shastra tips. If you speak to any astrologer, they can help you with the same. Vastu Shastra is a whole new dimension in the architectural and interior space. Follow the following Vastu Shastra tips and relish a peaceful, positive, and happy place for yourself.

Before exploring the various Vastu tips, let us study the basic principles of Vastu for home:

  • Vastu for room: As per Vastu, the rooms should be square or rectangularly-shaped. In addition, they should be clean and well-lit. There should be good cross-ventilation in the rooms as well.
  • Vastu for furniture: Heavy furniture like a bed and cupboard should be placed in the southwest direction. And according to Vastu, the staircase in your home should also be built in the same direction.
  • Vastu for water: For a positive and peaceful space, it is always considered good to keep plants, a fountain, water paintings, and aquariums in the home.
  • Vastu for dining table: According to Vastu, the dining space should be built near the main entrance/door.

Let us now study Vastu Shastra’s tips when building your new home.

  • Main Entrance: The main entrance of your home is not only an entry point from where you and your family come in but also the pathway for energy and vibes. The main entrance must be built facing the north, east, or northeast direction. Before you buy or plan the construction of your new home, ensure that the direction of your new home is Vastu compliant.

According to Vastu, here is a list of all the things you need to focus on while designing the main entrance.

  • Only premium-quality wood should be used for constructing the main entrance.
  • There should be no fountain or water-centric decor piece outside the main door or in front of the main entrance.
  • Only place a shoe rack or dustbin inside the main entrance.
  • The main door should not be painted black and should open in a clockwise direction.
  • Besides being well-lit, the main door should have beautiful nameplates and auspicious hangings.
  • Dining Hall: If you plan to build a separate dining space in your new home, it is essential to do so in the west direction. The west zone is the best direction for the dining space. If the west is impossible, you can opt for north, east, or south. However, under no circumstances should it be located in the southwest zone.
  • Staircase: To maintain peace, prosperity, and harmony at home, it is essential to get the staircase placement right. As per astrology and Vastu, the best direction for the staircase is the southwest direction. After consulting a Vastu expert, you can also consider other directions. However, only place the staircase in the northeast direction at a cost.
  • Living Room: The living room is the first place anyone sees upon entering the house. It is the place where everyone sits. It is the place where one sets the first impression of your home. The living room should be in the north, east, or northeast direction. All furniture in the living room should be placed in the west or southwest direction. In addition, ensure to keep the living room clutter-free.
  • Bedroom: A bedroom is where one rests. It is critical to comply with Vastu tips to ensure good health and healthy relations. A bedroom should be located in the southwest direction. Avoid placing it in the northeast direction as it may cause health issues. A bedroom that faces southeast should also be avoided as it causes quarrels among couples. Ensure that your bed is placed in the room’s southwest corner while your head is facing west.

According to Vastu, here is a list of all the things you need to focus on while designing a bedroom.

  • Ensure to use earthy tones for bedroom walls as they enhance the positive energy of the bedroom. Avoid painting the walls black at any cost.
  • Do not place a temple in the bedroom.
  • Do not place water-centric paintings as they are symbolic of emotional outbursts.
  • Refrain from placing a mirror or electronic device like a television in front of the bed. It can cause fights.


Buying a new home is a reason to celebrate. Make sure your new space has the right vibes, energy, and feeling. Always consult an astrologer or Vastu expert before building or buying a new home. Your new home can change your life for good.

By Master Henry

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