Trupanion Vs Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. Which one to choose?

paw and pets health isnurance plan

You will see striking similarities at first glance. Both have simple policies that only cover accidents and illnesses. They also offer unlimited annual benefits. You will see some differences between the services offered by each company that could affect your final decision on which to choose.

While neither company can be called a low-cost pet insurance provider, Healthy Paws is the cheaper option. Trupanions’ model allows it to be used in conjunction with other types of insurance such as home or travel insurance to fill in the gaps left by those policies.

Trupanion policies, for example, offer unique coverages like trip cancellation and property damage liability that are very rare among pet insurance companies.

There are many factors to consider when choosing between these pet insurance policies. This comparison guide will help you understand what each company offers and make an informed decision.

A glance

Let’s take a look at the main points of each product.

Trupanion Pet Insurance

  • Type of insurance: Accident and illness
  • Covered: Cats and dogs
  • Waiting times: 5-30 days
  • Size: Any licensed veterinarian
  • Annual Limits – Unlimited
  • Annual deductibles :
  • Refund amounts: 90
  • Type of cover: Accident and sickness
  • Animals: Cats and Dogs
  • Waiting period: 15 days
  • Network size: Any licensed veterinarian
  • Unlimited annual limits
  • Annual deductibles at
  • Reimbursement amounts:  70%-90%

Introducing Trupanion

Trupanion, originally known as VetInsurance, was established in 2000. Trupanion was the first North American pet insurance provider to be profitable in North America after just four years. The company has grown tremendously over the years, providing lifesaving coverage for pets such as rare hip dysplasia and expanding into new markets.

Trupanion today offers pet insurance options that allow pet owners to choose the best coverage to meet their needs.

There are common themes among the Trupanion plans. Trupanion policies have no annual limits. This means you will never run out of cover. Trupanion policies include an automatic reimbursement rate of 90% for covered treatments.

Trupanion is also different from other pet insurance companies in that it does not increase the cost of policies as your pet ages.

You can also choose a company deductible option which will allow you to avoid having to pay a certain amount each year before your coverage begins.

The Trupanions plans have a few drawbacks. They are limited in customization options. All plans have a built-in 90% reimbursement rate and an annual limit that cannot be exceeded. This makes it nearly impossible to customize a plan that lowers your premiums.

Trupanions’ payment terms are also very limited. They only accept monthly payments and you cannot prepay in full. This company doesn’t offer any discounts, so it’s easy to see why this provider can be quite expensive.

Trupanion, unlike most pet insurance, does not cover preventative health care.


  • Price guarantee
  • There are no annual limits
  • All plans include 90% coverage
  • Deductible available
  • Reliable customer service
  • There are very few customization options
  • Payment terms are limited
  • Preventive care is not covered
  • No discounts

Overview of Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws is both an insurance company and a non-profit organization. The co-founders of Healthy Paws met at an animal shelter, where they volunteered. This company was established in 2009. Healthy Paws was founded by the co-founders to help pet owners and rescue groups pay for veterinary care.

Healthy Paws is well known for its pet insurance policies. However, the company continues to be involved in charitable activities. Healthy Paws makes every online quote available to animal shelters and rescue groups.

Healthy Paws has an exclusive policy that only covers accidents and illnesses, which is different from other providers. The policy also covers congenital and hereditary diseases.

The Healthy Paws policy, like Trupanion, offers unlimited annual benefits. There is no cap. The company handles complaints quickly, processing up to 99% within two days.

The Healthy Paws policy is not suitable for senior pets. Strict restrictions apply to pets over 5 years old. Before you can apply, your pet must undergo a thorough physical examination.

Healthy Paws offers some of the most affordable rates in the industry. They are known for their exceptional customer service.


The Healthy Paws Annual Deductible is a benefit that provides coverage for your pet throughout the year, regardless of the number of injuries or illnesses they suffer. Healthy Paws does not cover hip dysplasia. Trupanion may adapt its deductible per condition to these conditions.

The Trupanions Blanket may be a better option if your dog is susceptible to certain conditions.


Brim: Healthy Paws

You have more options when it comes to customizing a policy to your budget with Healthy Paws coverage. Trupanion’s policies, on the other hand, limit your customization options, which can lead to higher premiums.

Claims processing

Brim: Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws has an excellent track record in handling claims. Up to 99% of claims are paid within two working days. Trupanion, on the other hand, takes an average of 14 days to process requests. Sometimes it can take up to 60. Trupanion can pay your veterinary bills directly, so you don’t have to wait for reimbursement.

Customer Service and Reputation

Brim: Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws’ reputation for customer service is legendary. Many customers have cited this as the reason they chose this provider. They are available 24 hours a day by email and 12 hours a day by phone.

Customer service at Trupanions is not exceptional, but it is very good. There are a lot of negative reviews.

What Users Have to Say

Both companies have a high customer satisfaction rate. Most reviewers say Trupanions coverage for senior dogs is exceptional. Many reviewers also liked how easily Trupanion handled their vet bill. A few reviewers disagree with this assessment and claim that Trupanion has denied their claims.

Healthy Paws reviews show that Healthy Paws is a top-notch company. The company is very quick in handling complaints. Some reviewers feared the company was increasing premiums without warning.

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