Transfer money from a prepaid card with ease 

Transfer money from a prepaid card with ease 

Need a great payment method, both online and offline to get the most out of your business or your life? Consider registering online for the DBSC Financial Europe prepaid card free of charge today! Pay freely without limits in euros and many other currencies of your choice. Introducing the best-prepaid card that meets all your needs – the DSBC Financial Europe MasterCard.

The reliable prepaid card with IBAN – internationally accepted

Established in Lithuania, Europe, DSBC Financial Europe is firmly developed in offering a variety of payment services like personal accounts, corporate accounts, payment cards, etc. The prepaid card with IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is widely used in Europe as it has been adopted by the European Committee for Banking Standards (ECBS). Owning a prepaid card with IBAN will provide customers with the following benefits:

  • Fast transactions without borders: transfers using IBAN have been standardized in most of Europe and proven to be faster to process.
  • Highly secure transfers: As the amount of money for each transfer changes, the IBAN is mandatory for each money transfer. Results in synchronization and a more secure payment system.
  • Easy to manage: Once you have successfully set up your IBAN account and payment card, every transaction will be remarkably simple and easy to interact with.
  • Efficiency: tax efficiency, affordable exchange rate MasterCard, fast transaction process, smooth transactions between DSBC Financial Europe prepaid cards with no fees.

Effect of SEPA on the payment card in Europe

Some research shows that countries that join SEPA have a better, easier way to pay. Money transfers using SEPA are visibly transparent as SEPA is widely accepted in Europe. To convert fragmented markets across Europe that generate resources and time-consuming payments into a single one, SEPA allows people to transfer money to any country, any region of the area with only one specific account.

Not only can employees now receive cross-border payroll effortlessly, but businesses can also conduct business and transact with ease.

The European Union has 27 countries, some members of EFTA (European Free Trade Association) and the United Kingdom, currently members of SEPA with a vision of simplifying money transfers between these regions.

DSBC Financial Europe, which is based in Lithuania – a member of the EU and SEPA, an authorized payment institution that offers money transfer services with the best-prepaid cards. Fully licensed to provide financial services, DSBC Financial Europe is confident to offer customers the best-tailored means of payment that can truly increase not only an individual’s quality of life but also the turnover of business entities.

What forms the best-prepaid cards?

For international users who prefer currencies other than Euros, the exchange rate is their main concern before signing up for a payment card. DSBC Financial Europe charges affordable fees for each transaction.

There is a wide range of choices for customers, whether they wish to use the DSBC Financial Europe service online, offline, or both. Customers can choose a DSBC Financial Europe digital or physical prepaid card with IBAN. Each of the payment cards has its advantages.

The digital prepaid card with IBAN, integrated into the DSBC Financial Europe mobile application, is a digital payment card. digital cards can be easily activated via the internet once customers have registered them with a new checking account.

Unlike a physical card, digital cards are more compatible with online payments or contactless payments, such as transferring money from a prepaid card to other local European recipients or sending funds within of the DSBC Financial Europe network using prepaid cards free of charge. In conclusion, an in-app digital prepaid card with IBAN can quickly process online payments without borders and minimizes the complexity of traditional payment methods.

The physical prepaid card with IBAN issued by DSBC Financial Europe that goes along with a current account has several practical features. DSBC Financial Europe customers can use it for direct payments, such as paying at POS terminals, withdrawing cash from ATMs, and other cashless transactions.

It is based on the particular needs that customers will decide to apply for a digital or physical payment card. Business users are advised to focus on activating a DSBC Financial Europe Digital Exchange Rate MasterCard, as most business activities involve large transactions which may require payment vouchers.

Therefore, a digital payment card should be the main preference of businesses. However, with a limited validity period of 12 months, companies are in a better position to consider the advantages and disadvantages of digital cards. A physical card is not a bad option at all. On the other hand, for people who periodically receive their pay, a favorable MasterCard exchange rate is relevant, especially with foreign workers.

Not to mention that both physical and digital cards are widely accepted. So, depending on each individual’s request, whether paying online with a digital card with IBAN or withdrawing money from a physical prepaid card free of charge, DSBC Financial Europe will provide the best funds transfer service to its valued customers.

Premium payment card – on order

Discover the premium prepaid card with IBAN delivered to your door. We offer the tailor-made DSBC Financial Europe MasterCard directly designed for customers who are always on the move and looking for the fastest and easiest way to pay. Discover our premium payment card and start generating your income globally.

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