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In South America’s Amazon Basin, a dense, humid forest covers a large area. It is the world’s largest rainforest, covering an area of 2.1 million square kilometres and accounting for about 40% of South America’s land area. After the Congo River, the Amazon River is the second most important in the world.

Amazonian rainforests are among the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Nine countries, including Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, are covered by the 2.1 million square miles of land it covers. Over 3 million unique plant and animal species can be found only in the rainforest. As a tourist, you’ll have a blast taking it all in. Read on to learn why a personalised Amazon tour is the best way to experience a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in the rainforest.

Spectacular Views and Cozy Accommodations Read more


Breathtaking Views from a Cozy Room

Quality Service and Freshly Prepared Food

One-on-one Amazon Rainforest Tours with a Personal Guide

A Convenient Spot Near the Village of San Juan de Yanayacu

Shuttles to and from the airport

A Well-Informed Group Concerned for the Rainforest

Book a Rainforest Tour in the Amazon Now!

It’s not every day that you get the chance to live in a completely different environment from your own. A custom-tailored amazon tour includes cosy cabin lodging, stunning rainforest views, and an abundance of wildlife. You can rest easy knowing that your private quarters are safe from any outside threats while you’re away from home.

Accommodations include a beautifully decorated cabin made of Capirona wood, a private balcony, and modern conveniences. Frogs, birds, and other wildlife can be observed in their natural habitat from the cabins and walkways. During your Amazon rainforest tour, you’ll have the opportunity to learn a great deal about the Amazon and how it affects our daily lives.

Quality Service and Freshly Prepared Food

Your Amazon rainforest tour doesn’t just include excursions and private tours; it also includes a variety of other activities. For the culinary team, it’s all about bringing nature’s wonders to life in their menus.

You won’t find better food or a staff more committed to making your stay a memorable one anywhere else. Is there a restriction on what you can eat? That’s fine! The Amazonian cuisine is fresh and organic, and the group can accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions.

One-on-one Amazon Rainforest Tours with a Personal Gui

Daily activities such as excursions, riverboat rides, hiking, and more are included in this experience. Tour guides accompany you on your adventure to share their expertise and knowledge of the rainforest’s importance to our daily lives.Click here for more info

With their extensive knowledge of the Amazon, our private guides will take you to the most interesting sights. As you explore the world’s largest rainforest, you’ll see everything from brightly coloured macaws to leafcutter ants and poison dart frogs!

A Convenient Spot Near the Village of San Juan de Yanayacu

There are indigenous animals and people living in the San Juan de Yanayacu Village near Iquitos, Peru. Over 600 species of birds, dolphins, and other animals are found at the site, making it one of the mostdiverse in the world. This location, which is surrounded by the Amazon River and offers easy access to the village and nearby attractions, is ideal for those seeking adventure and new experiences.

Shuttles to and from the airport

If you don’t know the area well or speak the language, finding transportation in a foreign country can be difficult. For the duration of your trip, Grand Amazon Tours will arrange for airport pickups and drops for you. You’ll be picked up by a bus and taken to your Amazon oasis for a relaxing and worry-free journey.

A Well-Informed Group Concerned for the Rainfores

It’s impossible to find a better group of people who care about the Amazon and teach people about the natural environment than those at Grand Amazon Tours. For many years, these scientists have been employed by Grand Amazon Tours to organise community events that help protect the Amazon rainforest where they live and work. The Amazon rainforest tour with Grand Amazon Tours is not only exciting, but it also gives you the opportunity to do your part in protecting and preserving this unique ecosystem.

Book a Rainforest Tour in the Amazon Now!

Arrive with an open mind and an eagerness to learn about this fascinating new world. This all-inclusive trip into the wild is a great way to learn about wildlife, have fun on excursions, and see the sights. Check out Grand Amazon Tours’ website to book your trip and learn more about what’s included in the price of your tour.

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