Total or Partial Dental Insurance: What are the Costs and the Elements to Consider!


According to what some research carried out in our country also says, Italians often give up dental treatment.

This is demonstrated by sector studies, which show that even in Italy the costs for dental care have a decisive impact on the budget of families.

How to find a solution to this problem, lowering costs and avoiding giving up all treatments of this type?

Undoubtedly, a private dentist’s health insurance can be an optimal solution, with the possibility of taking out a policy that has the capacity to cover the expenses that a person has to incur for the most appropriate therapies.

But which dentist health insurance to choose?

What aspects should you consider to make the right choice of good dental health insurance?

What is dental insurance?

The dental policy is configured as a very useful tool for those who want to have coverage of the costs for treatment available.

In our country, many insurance companies give the opportunity to take out health insurance with a dentist.

There are so many policies available and everyone can make their choice taking into account the specific characteristics of the insurance offered by the various companies.

Policies can usually be extended to all family members and often include checkups and teeth cleaning.

Dental policies in Italy usually work in a very simple way.

These are real contracts which, with the payment of a certain sum on a monthly or annual basis, give the opportunity to have a refund, which can be full or partial, of the expenses incurred for a visit to the dentist or for therapy. specific.

In most cases, reimbursement is fully guaranteed for routine care, such as cleaning, x-rays for a check-up, or small fillings.

The reimbursement becomes partial in some specific cases, especially for those interventions that have a higher cost, such as interventions to apply capsules or prostheses.

In these cases, there are real limits in the coverage of the costs of dental health insurance.

How refunds work

Is dental insurance worthwhile? Let’s see how refunds work!

There is usually a limit on the amount that can be repaid over the course of a year.

The limit can also go up to 1,000 or 2,000 euros, based on the contract signed with the insurance company and the various offers proposed.

Of course, the reimbursement must be subject to approval by the insurance company and is usually done over a period of between 6 and 18 months.

Usually a dentist’s health insurance, in addition to reimbursement, also provides for the presence of a deductible, a certain amount of money that must be paid at the expense of the person who signs the contract.

Reimbursement of expenses for treatment carried out abroad

What if you want to have dental treatment in another country?

In fact, an increasing number of our compatriots decide to undergo dental treatment therapies in other states.

There are private clinics that sometimes provide packages that include expenses for treatment, as well as for travel and hotel.

In many cases, these are solutions that could be convenient from an economic point of view, but you must always pay close attention to the quality of the service you receive.

Find out carefully before embarking on a path of this type, considering the health situation of the country where you want to go for treatment.

In fact, special procedures are not always followed abroad to ensure correct regulation, both as regards the intervention and the use of adequate materials and sterilized instruments.

Therefore, do not rely too much on low-cost solutions.

In our country, there are very few insurance companies that allow you to take out a dental health insurance policy for treatments abroad.

In these cases, you must therefore rely on a European company.

How to choose dentist insurance

Choosing the best dental insurance shouldn’t be left to chance.

To make the right choice, you must undoubtedly take into consideration several factors, which are very important and which could affect all the peculiar characteristics of the policy you sign.

So be very careful and, if you deem it appropriate, inform yourself in advance with an expert, to understand specifically what are all the details of the dentist health insurance you subscribe to.

You will have to choose immediately between full dental insurance (or full dental insurance) and partial dental insurance. The costs are of course different!

In particular, keep these elements in mind:

  • cost and characteristics of the coverage – the first factor to consider is the cost of the premium you have to pay. It is an important element, also to understand if the policy is really convenient, taking into account the relationship with the type of coverage. For some specific interventions, the policy may provide for limitations regarding the reimbursement, so be very careful especially to understand what is covered and what is not covered by the reimbursement provided by the insurance;
  • reimbursement timing – another element to take into consideration concerns the timing of reimbursements. Remember that there are usually costs that are fully borne by the insured, which fall within the definition of deductible. Please take into account the expected reimbursement times before deciding on one policy over another;
  • special conditions – also take into account the possible special conditions that the insurance company could place on the contract. For example, a clause called “least expensive alternative treatment” is often indicated, which allows the insurance company to link the reimbursement of a specific treatment to the least expensive alternative if there is an opportunity to choose between several alternatives.

How much does dental insurance cost

Finally, let’s take a look at what the costs of such insurance could be.

It is not possible to specifically talk about an average cost, since the solutions are very different from each other and the various insurance companies give the opportunity to choose between numerous options, with very different prices.

Based on the parameters we talked about, the cost of dental health insurance could vary.

The advice we give you is therefore to contact various insurance companies to request quotes.

Only in this way will you be able to specifically understand all the expected costs, to choose the solution that best suits your case.

By Master James

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