Top 5 Crypto Trading Strategies Every Trader Should Know About

Crypto Trading Strategies

Trading crypto with higher chances of success depends on several factors, including crypto trading strategies. Knowing about different kinds of strategies is crucial as it can make quite the difference in the kind of experience you have while trading crypto. However, as a novice trader you need to know that there is no guarantee of success while trading, even if you choose the same trading strategy as someone else.  

The kind of experience you have while trading somewhat depends on how much information you have about the markets, trading and the kind of exchange you choose for crypto trading.  

However, as a new crypto trader it is important that you know about the best strategies for crypto trading. Once you have an idea about the different kinds of strategies you can decide which one works best for you and is according to your trading requirements and more. 

Here are details of some of the top trading strategies you should know about.  

Crypto Trading Strategies Include Day Trading 

One of the most popular trading strategies is day trading. As the name suggests, this strategy is where the traders enter and exit their trading positions within a day. The traders can trade several times during the day but the trading positions are not left open overnight.  

This type of trading eliminates the risks one can face while keeping their positions open overnight. However, it is still a high-risk venture because the crypto space is a volatile place and the price movements during the day can sometimes be very sudden and drastic.  

Therefore, people who opt for advance strategies for crypto trading such as day trading should be careful while making their trades. 


The most short-term crypto trading strategy is scalping, which is also widely opted for by the traders. Every trading strategy has its fair share of pros and cons because the crypto space is an unpredictable place, therefore, the benefits are never guaranteed.  

However, knowing about the best strategies for crypto trading can increase your chances of seeing some benefits. 

Scalping is a trading strategy where the traders can only open trading positions for a few minutes or seconds in a day. They can open and exit multiple trading positions in a day, which allows them to make several small profits that eventually accumulate and can be beneficial for the traders. 

Since this strategy allows the traders to make quick trades in a short period of time, it can be quite intense for several crypto traders. 

Position Trading 

One of the advanced strategies for crypto trading is position trading. If you are new to the crypto space you should also know about this trading strategy so you can determine if it suits you or not. 

This trading strategy is focused on long-term price movement. The reason being that any major shifts in the prices of the digital assets can result in potential profits that can be higher as well (not guaranteed). 

People who opt for position trading do not have to consider the minor price fluctuations as their trading is more concerned with more significant price movements. Therefore, if you opt for this out of all other crypto trading strategies then you will have to monitor the weekly and monthly price charts and analyze them before you place your trades.  

You can determine the best time to enter the market or exit it if you make use of fundamental analysis and various technical indicators. 

Swing Trading 

Swing trading is one of the crypto trading strategies that is most suitable for people who cannot commit to trading around-the-clock and have a job or a demanding schedule.  

People who opt for this trading strategy hold their trading positions open for several days, which can even extend to a few weeks.  

The trading positions are open for a long period of time to get short-term market moves, which is why traders don’t have to constantly monitor the markets. As a swing trader you can even use other advanced strategies for crypto trading such as trend trading and dedicate a few hours to analyze the markets in order to have a considerably good experience of trading crypto. 

News Trading 

This is one of the best strategies for crypto trading and as the name suggests it greatly depends on the news updates and market expectations related to crypto. This requires the traders to be mentally present and quickly analyze any new update and then decide as soon as possible as news travels fast and the market sentiment can also change in no time.  

There can be a lot of trading opportunities for people provided by several news events and other factors. 


There are several crypto trading strategies, some of which are more popular as compared to others. However, it is important that you take your time and learn about different strategies so you can make an informed decision. 

By Master James

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