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A style tip for furnishing a modern living room? The iconic arc lamp with a marble base. The Arc Lamp is firmly planted on the ground but at the same time has the characteristics of a suspended lamp: it stands free projecting its beam of light from above without cluttering the space with the floor lamp, which remains at the corner of the room thanks to the long and high arched stem.

1 – Have you ever thought about a fireplace?

Anyone would like a fireplace in the living room. It reminds us of the houses of yesteryear, where winter used to gather to warm up in the warmth of a fireplace. Today’s fireplaces are no longer red brick ones, but remain a symbol of family warmth.

For this reason, if you have a fireplace in the walls of the living room, you are one step closer to creating a comfortable and welcoming furniture. The fireplace is always the focal point of the room, the element from which to start to place the furniture. It goes without saying that the place of honor in front of the fireplace belongs to the sofa.

There are many models of modern fireplaces, to obtain a furniture more inserted in the contemporary context. Make it even more charming by hanging a contemporary painting or mirror over it.

If you want to furnish the living room with a fireplace but do not have a smoke outlet system, you can opt for the most modern electric or bio ethanol fireplaces. They do not heat up like wall fireplaces, but create an atmosphere by giving a touch of style to the room.

02 – The choice of colors for a modern living room is fundamental:

We will never stop repeating it, light is of fundamental importance to make a home comfortable. This is why it is one of the main ingredients in the success of good furniture.

When choosing the color for a modern living room, you have to take into account the light element. Prefer the prevalence of light colors, especially if natural light is scarce. In fact, light colors, such as white, make the environment visually larger.

The colors of a modern living room prefer a very light base, whether it is white or in shades of gray. To this are added more decisive tones, whether they are browns, grays or pastel colors, such as pink or blue. You can also play with the contrast between whites and blacks.

If you love liveliness, light up the environment with elements of intense color of the same shade: an armchair, curtains, carpet, a coffee table. The choice of colors depends on your tastes: it can be red, green, yellow or blue. In short, play a little with your imagination!

Furnishing a modern living room: what to do if our living room is small?

To furnish a small modern living room, you can follow some useful tricks to optimize space, always bearing in mind the assumption that the furniture must be modern, smooth, with essential lines. Tips to Fix the leak faucet you should know

As in the case of a large living area, even when furnishing a small living room it is important to keep in mind that, regardless of the refined furniture and the modern lines of the furnishings, the password is minimalism. Few furniture, well positioned inside the room and a lot of order, to make the environment welcoming and ensure “breath” to the room.

03 – An equipped wall is essential:

The equipped walls are the most functional solution to furnish a small modern living room. In fact, they are an organized way to place books and various objects, and also act as a TV stand. All in one wall. Choose from many models of wall units with an essential and modern design. You can opt for neutral colors, such as white or wood, and add a touch of vibrancy with color elements.

04 – Choose a modern sideboard:

Another great way to neatly store the items essential to daily life in the living area, such as plates, glasses and serving plates, is to place them inside a low cabinet, such as a sideboard.

When we think of the sideboard, we are reminded of the antique wooden furniture from our grandmother’s house. A style, therefore, that has little to do with modern furniture. In reality, there are many modern sideboards, with a clean shape and light and bright colors, such as glossy white and oak.

05 – The sofa is mini size or corner to be placed against the wall:

In a small living room the sofa cannot take up much space, otherwise there would not be enough space to fit all the essential elements, such as a table and a bookcase. So choose a small, two-seater sofa. Go for a modern shape and a neutral color, like a dove gray.

Another solution is that of the corner sofa, which remains larger. However, it should be placed against the wall to take advantage of the corner and organize the space in a more functional way.

6- A large rug:

We tend to think that in a small living room, everything must be small. In the case of the rug it is exactly the opposite: a rug as large as the full length of the sofa in a small living room makes the room seem larger.

The effect is amplified if the carpet is tone-on-tone with the surrounding furniture, especially the walls.

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