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By spending more time at home, many people have realized that thinking about interior spaces is beyond a mere personal “taste”, but that their ambiences directly influence our comfort, mood and quality of life. This point of view has affected the way we see the bathroom itself, looking for solutions that liven up this environment and take it out of the standard monotony in which it is usually performed. Therefore, we searched our archive for several examples that break this rule and present spaces that add more personality to the home and well-being for its users.

When visiting dozens of projects, we have divided some sections that stand out within possible trends or resources that serve as inspiration when thinking about your bathroom renovation or project: rustic elements, colors, highlighting metals, landscaping, lighting and even layouts. that stand out for their innovative proposals. To top it off, before moving on, don’t forget to see everything you need to know about designing a bathroom to clear up any doubts and expand the design possibilities even further. For leak detection in bathroom click here

Rustic and Apparent elements:

The use of rustic and apparent elements is seen in several projects, in most cases, in addition to the aesthetic factor, using concrete, burnt cement, natural stones or even masonry are often chosen for their low maintenance. It is also often possible to see the use of wooden elements to contrast with the other textures of the project.

Extreme Colors:

The use of colors in bathrooms is nothing new, whether to create a monochromatic or contrasting atmosphere. Due to the ease of cleaning and maintenance, ceramic elements such as tiles or tiles are widely adopted in this humid environment. However, paintings with epoxy paint – ideal for humid environments, as it creates a protective film that prevents water infiltration into the wall, and with high resistance to abrasion – are also increasingly recurrent. Here, it is worth thinking about what effect is desired when using different colors in the same room, since colors can change the perception we have of the interior space.

Indoor landscaping:

The principle is quite simple: connecting humans with nature to improve well-being. This aspect would be no different in the bathrooms. Here, it is worth looking for species that best adapt to humid environments and playing with the infinite possibilities of bringing green to this environment: on top of the sink, in floor vases, hanging from the ceiling or even in spaces designed from the furniture itself. .

More personality: a unique space:

With a growing wave of thinking about spaces, bringing even more personality to a bathroom, where there is a mirror, can be an invitation to selfies. But beyond that, this environment gains an unexpected prominence that can make it remarkable in the residence through the surprise they present. Some tips here are to hire an artist to paint your walls, use different tiles in an unexpected way or even wallpapers and other elements that highlight an unprecedented experience.

Highlight the Metals:

A detail that can be defined closer to the executive project, highlighting the metals – from faucets, electrical or hydraulic installation pipes, heaters, etc – from the rest of the environment brings out details that normally go unnoticed by the eyes.

Lighting: Highlighted Environment:

The way light works in the bathroom is fundamental to the quality of this space. Whether working with natural light through zenith openings or in more strategic cuts that allow the user’s privacy while connecting him with the outside, or through a lighting project that elevates the spatial experience and sensation by bringing incandescent components and colors, and shadows, which can generate different atmospheres in the same environment.

By Master James

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