The 7 unique holi party games to enjoy the spirit of color festival

holi party games

Here we are providing you with all of the top 7 holi party games for celebration preparation idea tips 2022. Holi is a great festival of our India and now this festival is celebrated in other countries like Sydney, Canada, England, and other countries as well. The colorful festival of Holi is celebrated on Phalgun Purnima which falls at the end of February or the beginning of March. The festival of Holi has an ancient origin and celebrates the victory of ‘good’ over ‘bad’.

The colorful festival bridges the social gap and renews the sweet relationship. It is the most popular Hindu festival that is celebrated at the beginning of the year. On that day, this festival is celebrated with pomp and shown in Mathura Vrindavan. Let’s sprinkle happiness and prosperity in the lives of all those around us. Happy Holi 2022. Holi is the time to be stress-free and bond with sweets, chillis, and colors. Let us rejuvenate ourselves by immersing ourselves in the shades of joy, and laughter. Holi is a festival of colors.

Top 7 holi party games to enjoy this color festival

 Knitting The Balloons

A minute’s party game to pick up water-filled balloons with knitting needles and put them in another container without bursting. A fun game that can be played at kitty parties based on Holi party games. 

Find The Coin

One of the fun holi party games that takes you back to your childhood. Find the coin in the colored water in the shortest possible time and win the prize…!!

 Wet Sponge Relay Race

A minute holi party game to wet the sponge and collect water. A good fun game that can be played on any occasion and especially on Holi as this festival is all about water, colors, and balloons.

Bucket Blast

This is one of the fun holi party games that will make all the players wet and happy. Each player should carry a mug with the hole at the bottom of his head and fill the bucket.

Obstacle Holi Race

A fun game that will make everyone laugh when participants try to overcome obstacles in the shortest possible time.

Target Glass With Coins

A minute game to put maximum coins in a glass. The funny thing is that the coin will keep floating in the water and it will be difficult to put it inside the glass.

 Water Balloons War

A fun holi party game that will take each participant to childhood memories when they try to hit each other with a water balloon.


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