Teal Swan on Metaphysics and New Age Spirituality

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Metaphysics places an onus on truth, educational and moral values. It speaks about space, time, and existence with reference to ontological philosophy. In simple terms, it is the study of the natural world and is based on the theories of realities. It is an integral division of new-age spirituality practiced across the globe today.

Teal Swan is a leading name in spirituality and metaphysics and a celebrated teacher, author, artist, and public speaker in the USA. She created the Teal Eye LLC in 2012 to execute her unique vision for the Earth. Her picture does not belong to her alone, but it is a vision that several people share. It fits under one title- positive world change. This vision includes her events and projects: The Mirror, The Curveball Retreats, The Synchronization Workshops, and The Philia Center located in Costa Rica.

She believes in being authentic to bring positive change in this world

She is a globally recognized leader in spirituality and a powerful voice of self-alignment, authenticity, metaphysics, and empowerment. She is a renowned speaker, author, and social media star with an inspiring presence. She often travels the globe to teach spiritual growth and self-development. It is an integral division of new-age spirituality practiced across the globe today.

The role of pain and suffering is important for the transformation

Pain and suffering make people a better version of themselves and with spiritual guidance when you accept them. Positive transformation in a person is only possible when there is an acceptance of reality and the truth. Though the journey for some is challenging, it is simple for others after accepting the fact and how things are. It helps them liberate themselves from the shackles of suffering and break free to experience inner joy and bliss at the same time.

Her background helps her to heal and connect with people.

She has unique extrasensory abilities, including clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. She was a victim of severe abuse during her childhood. In the present day, she deploys her gifts along with her personal harrowing life experience to inspire others across the world to take them towards freedom, joy, and authenticity. She has written three books and is the creator of more than 150 frequency paintings.

Hosting events across the globe to reach out to everyone seeking the truth

She founded the Headway Foundation, a non-profit company that consistently puts her goals, ideas, and ventures targeted at positive world change into action with her followers. She also hosts the Ask Teal series on YouTube that has gathered more than 45 million views and The Fifth Element, an event for more than three days. It assists people to awaken the five elements in themselves and observe their inner potential to unfold as an outcome.

Teal Swan believes that in the future, Headway Foundation will include centers, programs, products, and companies in the fields of education, reform, justice, care towards the end of life, parenting, reforms in the food industry, integrative medicine, and healing. The Headway Foundation aims to bring in changes in society for creating a better life for everyone who regards this Earth as their home.

By Master James

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