Private loan for taxi drivers, everything you need to know

Private loan for taxi drivers, everything you need to know

Owning a taxi license in a time of financial need can be your lifeline to alleviate that financial situation you find yourself in. 

We know many stories of clients who belong to the taxi sector, one of them told us about his situation:

“A few months ago I had a serious accident with the taxi, and I was left without a car, the insurance did not take care of it, and the bank did not give me credit to buy another one. I had no collateral or savings, I was even about to sell my license”

With our lines of loans, one of these being: loans for taxi drivers, it will not be necessary to sell your valuable taxi license. On the contrary, this will be your ally by turning it into your guarantee to access credit immediately, without submitting to a long list of requirements, and bypassing a cumbersome process as usually happens when requesting a loan from traditional banks.  

“They only asked for my taxi license as a guarantee. In two days I received the money, in a week it was already circulating again, that easy”

This type of financing is very common in loans between individuals, and also in some private capital financial entities such as Your Best Loan. It becomes striking for those people who do not have guarantees of any kind that guarantee the repayment of the borrowed money (payroll, real estate, vehicles, etc.) and therefore have more difficulties in accessing financing in a traditional bank.

Your taxi license as collateral

The loans for taxi drivers work in a very similar way with the mortgage guarantee, only that here, the guarantee for the payment of the loan that you request will not be a real estate, vehicle, etc., but your taxi license, it is what we call a pledged loan.

With a pledged loan, you have the possibility of continuing to work as a taxi driver, generating income that allows you to pay the loan little by little and without so much stress. Of course, you will not be able to sell or transfer the taxi license until you return the loan, unless the new owner, when purchasing the license, directly cancels the credit for taxi drivers.

At YOUR BEST LOAN, we are specialists in private financing. We offer you much more flexible conditions than those of any bank. You will be able to access from €20,000 to €40,000 so that you can quickly solve that bad patch you are going through, and we will make sure to find the best repayment terms (between 12 and 120 months) that fit your payment capacity. 

How to request a loan

Do you want to know how much money you can receive? We have created a very easy way on our website so that you can apply for a loan and get a response in less than 48 hours.  

Are we out of doubt? Very well! Click on the link that will automatically take you to the form, Apply for a loan, and follow these steps:

  1. Define the amount. Apply for a loan of up to €40,000 paying in easy installments with a nominal fixed annual interest.
  2. Present the warranty. You can receive your loan by presenting your taxi license and the necessary documentation as collateral. 
  3. Response to your request. Our team will review the documentation you provide and in 48 hours you will have an answer. 
  4. Receive the loan. This type of financing will help you cover the expenses generated by having a taxi or you can make it effective for another destination.
By Master James

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