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One of the most effective ways to introduce your children to the Muslim faith, as well as gain an appreciation for the online Quran teaching, is by hiring an online Quran teacher. Whether you want to hire an online Quran teacher to teach you or your kids, there are 10 reasons why it’s worth your time and money. Here are just a few of those reasons below

No age limit

Many online Quran tutors advertise their services as suitable for all ages, including babies and toddlers. This may be due to a high demand in Muslim-majority countries where access to professional private tuition is limited or even nonexistent. With many students working full-time, there is simply no time available during their day when they can attend regular classes. As a result, they are likely to look online if they want to improve their knowledge of Islam and learn more about what it has to offer them in terms of personal development and spiritual guidance. By choosing online Quranic teaching services instead of going through brick-and-mortar schools, parents have total control over their children’s learning experience—they can make sure that their young ones study exactly what is suitable for them at any given point in time.

It doesn’t stop with your kids

If you’re looking to share your love of Islam with your child, it might make sense to find a teacher who can offer online classes. Online Quran teaching offers some unique benefits: You can be anywhere in the world and still have access to a highly-qualified teacher. This gives parents—even those who work full-time jobs—the opportunity to learn alongside their children and ensure they’re learning at their own pace and level. Online teachers are also available whenever you need them, so if you have an open question or want extra practice, no one will mind if you schedule a few lessons during off hours.

Helps in keeping religion private

Online courses are a private way of learning and not everyone can access your lessons. On top of that, no one knows what you’re studying as you learn at home or in your office. You can study without worrying about letting anyone know what you’re learning or causing distractions at work or school. This privacy is really important if religion is something that should be kept separate from other aspects of life.

Great tutors are available 24/7

With online tutoring, students have 24/7 access to a tutor. They can schedule sessions as they wish, even in their pajamas if they feel like it. Online tutors make lesson planning easier because they don’t have office hours; however, with Skype and other forms of online video-chatting software, you can actually see your child’s face from any location at any time of day or night.

Gets you on track before it’s too late

There’s really no better time than childhood to learn and memorize the Quran. By hiring a Quranic tutor online, you can give your child access to lessons anytime of day from anywhere. The only real concern is whether or not you can be bothered, but sometimes it takes a few reminders before we do what we should’ve done in the first place! So if you want your child learn reciting and understanding quran online; hire professional online teacher today!

No traveling involved

Online Quran teaching can be a great solution when your children are very young and you don’t want them having to sit in a car or on public transportation. Plus, online teachers are available at all hours of day, so there’s no need to arrange for lesson times around other activities.

Can give as much time as needed

There’s nothing worse than starting a new project or lesson and realizing you don’t have enough time to get it done right. With online teachers, you can set up a schedule that fits your needs. You can allocate as much time as you need to on each subject. If your child gets behind, or wants more help with something in particular, there’s no problem getting extra attention and guidance.

Enables you to learn along with your kids

With traditional one-on-one tutoring, both parent and child are learning new concepts at different rates—leading to frustration on both sides. However, when you learn together with your children, you’re teaching them a life skill, and you’re learning from them at the same time. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Decentralized education system helps them get familiar with technology early in life

Though there’s no single right way to online Quran  teaching for kids, a decentralized education system helps them get familiar with technology early in life, which is vital as they enter their teenage years. The online Quranic tutors make it possible for students to watch, learn and repeat verses with ease. This personal attention and one-on-one guidance has proven to be extremely helpful in getting students accustomed to tackling difficult subjects on their own.

By Master James

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