Major County Health Insurance Agencies in Florida

Major County Health Insurance Agencies in Florida

We return with new and excellent news for all those interested in renewing their health insurance or buying a new policy as of November 1st.

The new news is that the health insurance plans available in the 2021 Insurance Market have just been released.

As always, both the health insurance agencies you want to hire and the specific plans depend on the County where you reside.

The list of insurers, plans, and prices by County in Florida is now available.

In future articles and videos on YouTube, we will be entering each County, today we present the list of the four most essential counties.

News about Health Insurance in Florida.

Let’s start by sharing the news about the 2021 Insurance Market. This is the first information you should know before buying health insurance.

Then, as the 2020 enrollment period progresses, for your health insurance or Obamacare 2021, we will inform you of all the progress.

Now what you should know is:

Florida Blue launched a new plan to compete known as My Blue 2127. The idea is to present this plan as a very competitive option for customers who choose it.

This year, Ambetter raised prices from the previous year. This well-known insurance company offers excellent plans, but the increase in prices will undoubtedly push more than one client to evaluate other health insurance options.

CIGNA lowered prices in Palm Beach, making its health insurance plans cheaper and more affordable for many residents of this County.

Bright Health and Oscar compete behind Florida Blue and ahead of Ambetter.

This year’s novelty is AvMed, which is incorporated for the first time into OBAMACARE and is done by Miami Dade and Palm Beach Counties.

So, now that you know these top stories, let’s review which health insurance companies are available in your County if you live in one of the top 4 areas of Florida.

Insurance Agencies in Miami Dade

It is one of the Counties with the most Latinos in Florida and, therefore, if you live in this place, you will want to know which Insurance Agencies are available in Miami Dade.

The medical insurers available in Miami Dade are:

  1. Florida Blue
  2. Bright Health
  3. Oscar
  4. AvMed
  5. Ambetter

Insurance Agencies in Broward

The list of health insurance agencies in Broward is a bit more extensive, as you can see below.

  1. Florida Blue
  2. Bright Health
  3. Oscar
  4. Ambetter
  5. CIGNA
  6. Molina

Insurance Agencies in Palm Beach

Plam Bech also has a pretty exciting list of well-known health insurance agencies. The list includes:

  1. CIGNA
  2. Florida Blue
  3. Oscar
  4. Ambetter
  5. AvMed

Insurance Agencies in Hillsborough (Tampa)

If you live in Hillborough, you have fewer Health Insurance options than in other counties, but luckily for you, these are consolidated insurance agencies with very competitive plans. The list includes:

  1. Florida Blue
  2. Bright Health
  3. Oscar
  4. Ambetter

Suppose you reside in a Florida County other than those included in the article. In that case, you can contact us, and we will gladly offer you the list of Agencies and Health Insurance Plans available according to your ZIP CODE.

Remember that the price of health insurance depends on four factors, and the ZIP CODE is one of them.

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