Contrary to popular belief, Islam and science go hand in hand; they are both linked. Islam gives great importance to science and considers it essential for human survival. This feels strange to some people as we always think of religion and science as two complete opposites; religion focuses on believing the unseen and having full faith without asking questions and looking for logic and science is the complete opposite it focuses on logic and facts, so how can two completely different ideologies be linked? Actually, Christianity and science were at war once upon a time; the church even prosecuted Galileo, but this war between science and religion was purely a western affair; Islam and science, on the other hand, have never been at war.

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Islam, from the beginning, has encouraged its followers to know science; we all know Islam emphasizes gaining knowledge; when the Quran was revealed to the Prophet for the first time, the first word that was shown was READ. The Prophet told his followers that the material world could only be understood through scientific inquiry; he also explained how Islam’s culture was knowledge-based. He also valued science’s overextended prayer ‘An hour’s study of nature is better than a year’s prayer’ were his words. He also encouraged his followers to listen to the scientists. We think that science and Islam have been linked now in the modern-day and age. Still, the truth is Muslims in the earlier times also used science to determine, for example, the prayer time; science has been an essential part of Islam and Muslims for centuries now.

There have been several Muslim scientists; experimental science began in Muslim civilization. Scientists such as Jabr ibn Hayan, a Muslim who had laid the foundation of chemistry, too many more Muslim scientists who worked in Astronomy to Zoology. There was not a single field of science that the Muslims did not master or contribute to. Islam directs its followers to have faith in the All-Mighty but also get help from science; in the moment of illness or medical issue, Muslims are told to seek help from the doctor and get medical help as well as prayer but seeking help from science is essential, Islam has told its followers to gain knowledge and master in different fields, and science is one of them.

It is true that people who rely on scientific facts completely soon move away from religion as they become used to searching for facts and logic instead of just faith, but the truth is whatever that is scientifically proven has been mentioned in the Quran as well again emphasizing how science may have been a creation of Islam.

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As we know, the ratio of Muslim scientists has decreased over the years. There could be several reasons for that. Muslims these days are brainwashed into thinking that if they follow science, they are against Islam’s teaching. Over the years, people have started misinterpreting Islam, which has led to a decrease in Muslims in the scientific field. Also, one of the; other reasons could be the growth rate of islamophobia and how it is assumed that Islam is hostile to science.

The truth is Islam and science are supposed to work together, and they go hand in hand; it is truly a misconception that Islam and science do not go hand in hand or that Islam discourages the practice of science and gaining knowledge of it if that was the case why would the Prophet Muhammad insist his followers to listen to a scientist at that time and to gain understanding about it, and why would the early Muslims follow the teaching of science and why would there have been so many Muslim scientists in the past.


As there has been more and more development in the scientific world over the years, and technology has taken over the world, one argues that the current scientific experiments and technology might be against Islam, for example, the technology that allows you to design ones on the baby in the womb. That can be questioned, but overall as we know, Science and Islam go way back, and there is no way that Islam is against science. It goes hand in hand.

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