Is there medical insurance without gaps and copays?

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When hiring for health insurance, you must take certain aspects into account. If you are reading us, it is surely because you are already looking for information about it. Some terms can be confusing, so today we want to explain to you what co-payments are and what are the advantages of opting for a policy of this type.

At Vital Seguro, we are specialists in taking care of your health and that of your loved ones. Keep reading, we are going to explain everything you need to know to enjoy the best health insurance.

what is a copay

The copayment is a small economic amount that the patient must pay each time they use their health insurance. There are different types of policies, not all of them involve paying a copayment. However, many people prefer this option, as it has some advantages that you may find interesting.

Usually, people who choose to choose the co-payment insurance modality must pay their annual fee in the normal way. Later, when they use the services they have contracted, they pay a small amount. Depending on the use of the policy, these copays will be paid monthly.

Advantages of health insurance with a copay

You may be wondering what advantages can come from having to pay a certain amount each time you see a specialist. Said like this, we understand that you consider it, but you will see that it does have benefits.

  • Annual premium at the lowest price. When you take out health insurance under the copay modality, the annual premium you must pay decreases. Thus, if you are a person who does not usually go to the consultation regularly, you can benefit greatly.
  • Flexibility when choosing the copayment method. Depending on the expected use of your policy, you can choose between different modalities at the time of contracting. At Vital Seguro, we are known for helping you choose the best option so that you have the health insurance that both you and your family need.
  • Copay discounts for families. If you are not alone in this life and you also want to protect the health of your family, the co-payment option will be cheaper. Vital Seguro policies have a discount according to the number of insured, so that being more costs less.

Can I access the entire medical chart if I choose the copay?

Yes, whichever option you choose, you can have access to the entire medical list that we offer you at Vital Seguro. Thus, whether you need a specialist, a treatment, or a diagnostic test, you will have it at your entire disposal, without restrictions.

In addition, in Vital Seguro when there is a hospitalization, either due to intervention or illness, a copayment is never applied, regardless of the chosen modality.

As we have already mentioned, we have completely flexible plans and rates. Because we are clear that not all people or families are the same, there is something that unites us: health. Our policies with copay can be a very interesting option for you to consider.

In any case, if you are still not sure which method is best for you or what co-payment insurance entails versus fixed-premium insurance, contact us. At Vital Seguro we will design a specific plan for you and your family, to give you that peace of mind that only those who know they are covered at all times have. Do not hesitate and call us, our commitment is to take care of your health.

Yes, they do exist, although most health insurance companies offer medical insurance without copays but with gaps that can be eliminated by coming from another insurer, except for the gap for childbirth, which is not eliminated. On some occasions, exceptions are made where it is allowed to contract without any type of deficiency.

What is health insurance with copays?

There are different types of health care insurance, with copays, with reduced copays, medical charts, and reimbursement of medical expenses. Depending on the needs and preferences of each person, it varies whether they contract one policy or another.

Health policies with copays or reduced copays are health insurance with a cheaper premium than medical insurance without copays. They are intended for people who have not previously had health insurance and want it as a complement to public health. And for people who seldom go to the doctor or who think they won’t need it too much, since you never know when an unforeseen event may happen, but in case it does, they have private health coverage.

Having health insurance with copays allows you to pay a lower premium, paying a small amount per medical act, this amount varies depending on the medical act. There are also insurances with reduced copays with a slightly higher premium but still smaller than the premium for health insurance without copays. And maximum copayments per year, that is, depending on the company, you will not have to pay more than several copayments per year and per insured, so once it is exceeded, you will not have to pay for medical acts during that year.

What are the grace periods in health insurance?

  • The gaps in health insurance are the period during which an insured cannot use certain services.
  • Not all insurances have a grace period.
  • In case of urgency, that time is eliminated by law.

When you take out health insurance, it protects you from the moment you sign it, except in certain cases. Some insurances have a grace period, which is the time that passes from the moment you hire it until you enjoy all its services. This affects only some coverages. Which you can enjoy after that period.

The periods are eliminated whenever there is a vital emergency, that is, if the patient’s life is in danger, the periods of deficiency are eliminated.

For example, you will not be able to take out insurance with grace periods today and tomorrow to request a surgical intervention, a high-tech diagnostic test, assisted reproduction, preferences through analysis, or a second medical opinion. You will have to wait for those periods to end.

The waiting periods are also eliminated if you come from another company with seniority, that is if you already have health insurance and want to change companies by providing the card, proof of seniority, and the last receipt to justify that during the months you have been covered uninterruptedly. In this case, you would not have to go through the grace periods again in the new company, so you would have your medical insurance without deficiencies when you change company.

How to find the best health insurance?

The best way to take out your medical insurance is by entering your health insurance comparator, in which you can carry out a personalized search based on your needs and it will quickly and easily show you a comparison between the best health companies, comparing the prices and coverage, showing you the prices in order from lowest to highest.

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