Is it necessary to buy life insurance 8 Eight Questions Answers related to life insurance?

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  1. Is it necessary to buy life insurance?

life insurance It is necessary after marriage, but it depends on personal ability to buy it, pay attention to protection, don’t expect too much insurance benefits, don’t buy it until you die, it’s better to be able to repay the cost when you retire, the current type of insurance There are not many good ones, please consider carefully, and the quality of insurance brokers now is very uneven, so you need to see the terms.

2)Is it useful to buy life insurance?

1. China Life Insurance is reliable, and life insurance is useful. Life insurance is also a saving nature, especially critical illness insurance, which can provide hundreds of thousands of dollars at one time in the event of a serious illness, alleviating urgent needs and preventing poverty due to illness, or finding someone to borrow money to piece together.

3) Is buying life insurance useful?

1. Today, there are many types of life insurance on the market, some of which will pay dividends regularly, and some will increase the insured amount… The same is to buy an insured amount of 1 million: I need to pay more than 10,000 in premiums every year, and some people only pay one or two thousand are needed.

2. Calculated, the accumulated premiums cost nearly 300,000 more than others!

3. Why do premiums vary so much?

4. How much is life insurance a year? Don’t panic, let’s first understand the difference between term and whole life insurance.

5. Different guarantee periods From the guarantee period, it can be seen that there are obvious differences between term life insurance and whole life insurance.

Term life insurance covers a time and whole life insurance covers life

. This difference can be used as the basis for our selection of life insurance. Term life insurance only protects for some time, 10/20/30 years, or up to 50/60/70 years old, etc. This depends on the specific product requirements.

6. If the insured dies/is disabled during the insurance period, the insurance company will pay the insurance money to the beneficiary;

if the insured survives after the insurance period expires, the insurance company will no longer bear the insurance responsibility and will not refund the insurance money.

7. Term life insurance can be summed up in one sentence, spending a small amount of money to buy protection for some time. Whole life insurance is insurance that provides death/total disability protection for life. Whenever the insured dies/total disability, the insurance company will pay the insurance money for an unlimited period.

8. Whole life insurance can be summed up in one sentence: spend more money and buy lifelong protection.

The difference in the life insurance coverage period will directly affect the rate of the product, so the rate of term life insurance and whole life insurance varies greatly. There is a big difference in rates.

Because the guarantee period of whole life insurance is life, the insurance company will definitely pay the insurance money, but it is only a matter of time, and the premium will naturally be high.

9. Term life insurance only protects a fixed term, so the premiums are much lower

. Ordinary families prefer term life insurance because they can obtain higher death protection with little money and fully meet their periodic needs. What is the difference between term life insurance and whole life insurance rates?

10. Select a term life insurance with a lower premium and compare it with whole life insurance: a 30-year-old male who buys whole life insurance pays an annual premium of 9,491 yuan more than term life insurance, and the total premium is more than 280,000 yuan!

11. This money is not a small sum for most families.

12. Ordinary families can purchase term life insurance, and it is also a good choice to save money for investment and wealth management.

Applicable to different groups of people, term life insurance has a large leverage effect, and whole life insurance can guarantee lifelong life.

It is not easy to say which one is better. In terms of applicable groups, term life insurance is more suitable for young people who have just started their careers, and whole life insurance is suitable for people with estate planning and sufficient funds

. Term life insurance has the advantages of low premiums and high leverage, so it is more suitable for people with low incomes and high insurance needs.

They can obtain more insurance coverage at lower premiums during the period of heaviest family responsibilities.

13. There are old people and young people, and the budget is limited. It is suitable to buy a more cost-effective term life insurance to prevent premature death from causing a huge burden on the family.

Whole life insurance is more suitable for those who can afford higher premiums and have estate planning needs.

One is that whole life insurance pays out after the death of the insured, and the other is that life insurance can designate beneficiaries, distribute property according to the wishes of the insured, and be exempt from inheritance tax under legal protection.

14. From the perspective of insurance as financial leverage, term life insurance is the most practical

. As the main body of Internet insurance, the post-80s and post-90s can achieve protection of millions of yuan with only about 1,000 yuan per year. It is especially suitable for young people who have just started a family, have old people and small people, and have car and mortgage loans.

15. Recommend a cost-effective and practical term life insurance The most suitable term life insurance for ordinary families to purchase life insurance is term life insurance, so which term life insurance is more cost-effective?

16. Compared with the 7 most cost-effective term life insurances on the market, I believe I can give you an answer!

17. The protection responsibility of life insurance is simple, therefore, the premium has become a major point to measure the cost performance of the product.

18. Compared with many “net red” cost-effective fixed life products, Zhenai Preferred Term Life Insurance, which is popular on Wutongshu Insurance Online, has great advantages!

19. Premiums hit a new low in the market. Whether it is a 30-year-old man or a woman who is insured, the premium of Zhenai Preferred is lower than that of several other similar products.

20. In addition, some products will give different rates for insured persons with different occupational categories, different health levels, and different educational backgrounds, while Zhenai Optimal does not have these thresholds and restrictions, and directly gives you the most cost-effective price. Value for money is high.

21. The threshold for insurance is low, there are only 4 health notices, and there are fewer inquiries about diseases not only to make it affordable for more people but also to make it affordable for more people. 1-6 types of occupations can be cast

. For the 6 types of higher-risk occupations, they will be treated equally without raising the premium; on the other hand, there are 4 health notices, which are better among similar products, and the focus is on inquiring about fewer diseases.

22. In fact, many insurance companies will combine multiple inquiries into one, it seems that the number is small, but it is still very strict. And if you pay attention to the number of diseases inquired, you can see the doorway.

For example, Optimus Prime No. 3 with 3 health notices inquired about 29 diseases in total, and Mai Full Score inquired about 37 diseases in total. And Zhen Ai Select only asks about 24 diseases, which is the least among similar products!

23. At the same time, Zhen Ai Optimal does not ask questions about smoking, drinking, pregnancy, height and weight, high-risk hobbies, etc. It can be seen that the health notification is very loose, and the suitable insurance population will be wider.

Zhen Ai Preferred Term Life Insurance is cost-effective and practical. It is very suitable for ordinary families to purchase insurance and can fully meet the periodic protection needs. It is said that the last term life insurance not only reflects the value of life but also reflects the continuation of responsibility and love

. If you are the backbone of your family, if you love your family, buy term life insurance to protect yourself and your family’s future.

Wutong Tree Insurance Network has professional insurance planners to customize scientific and reasonable insurance plans for everyone, which can give the most adequate protection within the budget.

4) Is it worth buying life insurance?

1. Whether it is worthwhile depends on your own insurance needs! To a certain extent, the rate of life insurance is calculated based on the actual age and physical health of the individual.

Therefore, it is recommended that you may wish to combine your actual situation, and then make a careful comparison and determination with the actual insurance products.

2. It is suggested that you may wish to take a look at PICC Life Carefully Selects Term Life Insurance In a word, purchasing commercial insurance that suits you requires actual judgment and analysis based on your actual situation, occupation, physical health, etc.

The specific insured amount and premium expenditure should be based on the actual situation. The insured amount is generally designed to be 10 times the annual income, and the premium payment is generally 1/10 of the annual income.

5) Is life insurance good or not? Is life insurance worth buying?

China Ping An Life Insurance Company is a relative insurance company, and now Ping An is doing comprehensive finance, insurance, and bank investment business! Insurance must be reliable, and everything will be carried out following the contract. The key is to understand the content of the contract and see if the product meets your needs!

6) Is it necessary to buy insurance?

1. Life insurance is insurance that protects the body and life of the person. Term life insurance refers to the insurance that the insurance company undertakes the obligation to pay in the event of the death or total disability of the insured during the protection period.

2. Deaths here include a variety of circumstances: illness, accident, natural death, and even suicide after two years of insurance. Life insurance is mainly divided into term life insurance and whole life insurance. Term life insurance, as the name suggests, protects against death and total disability within a certain period.

Whole life insurance protects people throughout their lives.

No matter sooner or later, people will eventually face death, so it is liable for compensation, and the corresponding insurance premiums will be much higher.

The role of life insurance is to solve the problem of an excessive financial burden on the remaining family due to the death or loss of the working ability of the important economic income of the family.

Therefore, the main period when life insurance plays a role is the period when the family’s financial burden is relatively heavy, such as: just buying a house and a car, having a baby, and the parents’ health is not ideal.

3. Generally speaking, these situations are mainly concentrated in adults before retirement, in their twenties to forties and fifties. Value-added services are often an effective means for insurance companies to attract first-time insured groups

, such as superimposed compensation for outages before a certain age, lower premiums for the first ten years, additional premium exemptions for minor illnesses, serious illnesses or accidental disability, etc.

If there are several products with similar price/performance ratios in the list of candidates at hand, then the products with these value-added services attached are of course better. But the most important thing is the function of life insurance itself.

7) Is it worth buying life insurance?

1. Yes, it is a bit of a gambling mentality. After all, insurance is one of the management of risks, which can restrain the degree of loss and reduce losses as much as possible. For insurance companies, dividends are determined according to the profitability of each insurance company, which is optional and has obvious uncertainties. The principle of purchasing insurance is based on social security, and it is better to add appropriate commercial insurance as a supplement. The expenditure of the insurance cost is generally about 10-20 of the annual income, it is best not to exceed 20, that is, to use 10 of the funds to protect 100 of your assets.

2. For each of us, medical and health insurance should be reconsidered.

To put it directly, as people age, the body’s resistance is inversely proportional, and the ability to resist related risks is relatively weak. Therefore, you must first consider medical insurance, whether it is commercial insurance or social insurance, and then consider other insurance products, which makes sense.

If there is no guarantee of health, it is unrealistic to have more pension insurance. It is recommended that you first purchase the social insurance launched by the state, and it is best if the unit purchases it, including cooperative medical insurance, and then consider commercial insurance as a supplement.

Here, I know that in this industry, there are three well-known sayings: “The brand is in life”, “Ping An’s talents”, and “Xinhua’s products”. The last thing to pay attention to about the insurance policy is: buy insurance first, buy medical care Health, having health can ensure that customers have everything. Second, buy the insurance and pay attention to contracts.

Life insurance is generally a lifetime contract. Once you buy it, you can become a lifetime of happiness. Otherwise, it will have a great impact.

3. Three insurance products need to have the function of maintaining and increasing value. The current living standard is increasing day by day, and it must be able to curb inflation. Fourth, buy insurance first for adults and then for children. If there is no insurance for adults, it is meaningless for children to have more insurance. After all, it is the adults who are paying for the children.

8) Is it necessary to buy whole life insurance?

1. Although everyone’s body structure is the same, everyone’s family background, financial situation, cash, and real estate reserves are different, and everyone’s ability to earn money is also very different.

2. There is a word in the insurance industry called “worth”, which refers to this. Xiao A has been working hard in Shenzhen for many years, with an annual income of 500,000 yuan and 25 years to retire. In simple terms, Xiao A’s worth is 500,000*25=12.5 million.

3. If Xiao A takes out 10 million life insurance based on his situation, if he dies unexpectedly in the third year, the insurance company will pay Xiao A’s wife 10 million in cash to continue the family responsibility.

4. True to its name, standing is a money-printing machine, and lying down is a pile of RMB. Life insurance perfectly transfers the financial losses and risks of death to the insurance company. A relatively large lever can be leveraged through fewer premiums to prevent the loss of income and the pressure of debt repayment due to the death of the family pillar with the strongest earning ability. It is the product that best reflects the insurance temperature.

5. According to the different protection times, life insurance can be divided into term life insurance and whole life insurance.

Shen Lanjun made a picture, you can directly see the difference between the two: you can see the picture at the end of the article, term life insurance pays more attention to protection, and the premium is not very expensive.

6. Taking a 30-year-old male as an example, the 1 million insured amount is only about 1,000 yuan per year. No matter what the family conditions are, every family can afford it.

Deep Blue Jun has done a lot of evaluation of term life insurance in the past. I don’t talk much about whole life insurance. Whole life insurance still has its unique role.

But everyone’s class is different. For some entrepreneurs or high-net-worth individuals, life insurance can only be guaranteed for a certain period of time, and it cannot completely solve their problems, so there is the emergence of whole-life life insurance.

7. Since whole life insurance can be insured for as long as we live, as long as we do not surrender the insurance, the insurance company will lose the money, so in addition to value protection, whole life insurance also has the functions of wealth appreciation, debt isolation and asset inheritance.

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