The noise of fireworks or firecrackers always comes for some reason or celebration. Whether it’s because your team wins La Liga because it’s the last night of the year, because it’s Fallas, because it’s April Fair, because it’s San Isidro because it’s your town’s festivities… Noise and fireworks are a way of expressing euphoria very common in Spain.

However, pyrotechnics can also cause unpleasantness since it is inherently dangerous. It can cause even very serious damage. Being in contact with explosives endangers those who handle them and those who are nearby. Therefore, any company that is engaged in the firecracker business must have civil liability insurance for the manufacture, storage, transportation, sale, use, transfer, import, or export of those items.

The main insurance coverage is usually:

  • Civil Liability Insurance: It is the most important protection. In fact, it is mandatory for any company that is in possession of authorization for the manufacture, storage, transport, sale, use, transfer, import, or export of pyrotechnic articles and ammunition.

Without these insurance companies, you cannot work. Covers damages that may be caused to third parties due to the handling of pyrotechnic devices or their parts.

It is important to point out that both the city council that organizes the festivities of your town and that does not even reach 10,000 inhabitants, and that of Valencia, which organizes Las Fallas in a city of almost 800,000 inhabitants that also welcomes a lot of tourists, have to have civil liability insurance for the performance of the show that, at least, covers a capital of €600,000 of damages to third parties.

Civil liability and accident insurance must be taken out, which must cover at least €500 per kilo of regulated material.

In addition to this policy for the mere organization of the event with rockets, fireworks, and firecrackers, civil liability and accident insurance must be taken out, which must cover at least €500 per kilo of regulated material. In one of the masceltás of Las Fallas this year, about 270 kilos of gunpowder were used. This would mean that capital of about 135,000 euros must have been covered, in addition to what the city council had to cover for the organization of the Las Fallas festivities as a whole.

  • Insurance for damage to facilities: This coverage protects the facilities from claims capable of causing damage or harm to people, flora, fauna, goods, or the environment derived from industrial activity or the use, operation, and maintenance of the facilities. Or equipment and the production, use or consumption, storage, or disposal of pyrotechnic products.
  • Freight transport insurance: Whether transported by road, rail, or ship, the insurance covers the risks that the merchandise may suffer. Due to the fact that it is a transport of dangerous goods, there must also be civil liability insurance to cover the damages that the carriers may suffer.
  • Individual or collective accident insurance: This insurance covers the individual or the worker who is handling rockets, fireworks, or firecrackers who may suffer an accident as a result of contact with the dangerous article.

All the information related to pyrotechnic insurance, which approves the Regulation of pyrotechnic articles and ammunition.

So, you see: if you thought that the safety is a firecracker, it’s actually the other way around: it’s the firecracker that you can’t light without a safety.

By Master James

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