How was the Quran revealed?

How was the Quran revealed and compiled

How was the Quran revealed and compiled

The importance of the Quran is so much in every Muslim’s life. The information provided in the Quran is 100% authentic, and the orders that Allah Almighty proposes are essential to be followed by Muslims. The Quran teaches about the actual way of life and how to spend the life according to Allah Almighty will and make the way to divine road easy for you. Every Muslim needs to learn the Quran and practice it in daily life. The Quran was revealed in classical Arabic terminology. Still, it is now available in almost every language as you can read the translation of the Quran and understand what Allah Almighty has said and ordered.

The revelation of the Quran

The Muslims acknowledge that Allah Almighty verbally revealed Quran to Prophet Muhammad. Peace be upon him through angel Gabriel. The Quran was told entirely in 23 years. When the Quran was given to Prophet Muhammad, the age of the Prophet was 40 years. The Quran was revealed in the holy month of Ramadan. The Quran had been an essential miracle of Prophet (Muhammad peace be upon him) life. It confirmed the Prophet good to those who were not accepting Prophet Muhammad as Prophet. As the Quran was revealed orally to Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him), there was no hard copy of the Quran available for readers. People used to memorize the Quran and learn from each other. There was no actual format of the Quran from which the learners could understand and read.

Compilation of the Quran

The Quran was given to Prophet Muhammad and was completely exposed in his lifetime. At that time, there was no thought on the compilation of the Quran. However, after the death of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the people who had the Quran memorized used to teach the Quran. But at the same time, some people miswrote the Quran and used it for their benefit. Moreover, there was also a battle in which so many people of had memorized the Quran died, which was a threat that the Quran might be disappearing from the world as the people who have memorized it are dying.

So, shortly after the death of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the Quran was compiled as the caliph of the time has ordered all the people who have learned the Quran to compile the Quran accurately. People charged to collect the Quran were companions of the Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him). They worked and completed the process of compilation.

The hand script or copyists firstly wrote the Quran. The writers use the calligraphy option to report the Quran. Then after the revolution, people started to print the Quran, and now it is available worldwide. People who want to learn the Quran can easily purchase a copy of the Quran and learn. Allah Almighty has promised that he will take care of the Quran till the day of judgment. The Quran is a miracle from Allah Almighty to Muslims to help them find the right path.


The Quran helps Muslims understand the right way of living life and make the struggle to divine road easy. Allah Almighty revealed the Quran to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to teach and educate the Muslims and make Allah Almighty’s orders understood in a better way. The compilation of the Quran was held after the death of the Prophet. As caliph of that time had a fear that they might lose the Quran as the people who have memorized the Quran have died in a battle.

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