How to unclog the drains?


Vinegar and bicarbonate: the vinegar and bicarbonate remedy can help you to unclog clogged pipes, as it exploits the chemical reaction that arises from the union of these two elements; you can try pouring a glass of baking soda and half a liter of vinegar down the drain and then a liter of hot water.

How to clear a clogged drain pipe?

The procedure is simple, just pour the heated vinegar into the drain first, and then the water, also with the salt dissolved in it. Another natural remedy is to combine baking soda with vinegar. Just pour a full glass of baking soda and half a liter of vinegar down the drain and finally let the boiling water run.

How to dissolve limestone blocks?

Pour 1 glass of bicarbonate into the tube and immediately after half a liter of white vinegar, this mix will create a chemical reaction, let the mixture act and then pour boiling water. If the obstruction is slight, you will be able to clean the limescale encrusted tube.

How to unblock clogged drains?

What you will need to do is very simple: pour a cup of vinegar and baking soda down the clogged drain and the chemical reaction between the two elements will turn into an effective natural remedy for gushing the sink. Then pour boiling water to get rid of any residue down the drain.

How to clean drain pipes?

Pour a glass of salt and a glass of baking soda down the drain. Then pour in 2 liters of boiling water and after 5 minutes rinse with hot water from the tap. This will eliminate the grease accumulated inside the tubes.


How to clean the bathroom pipes?

To regularly clean the pipes and prevent future blockages, simply mix a glass of white wine vinegar, one of table salt and one of baking soda. For the procedure you will have to remove all the water from the sink then pour the mixture down the drain in the following order: Baking soda. … For More info about to unclog pipe

How to clean the sink drain with baking soda?

A first grandmother’s method is to mix salt and baking soda in equal quantities and dissolve them in boiling water. The solution, to be poured directly into the drain, should be left to act for a few minutes to thoroughly clean the pipes.

How to dissolve hardened baking soda?

Put the product in the microwave for 1-2 minutes at 800 Watt, remove and hit with a wooden spoon, spatula, etc. or better still: put a few pieces at a time in the blender or mix and turn it on (do not breathe the powder when you have finished blending ). You will see that it will turn to dust quickly.

How to use caustic soda to unclog the sewer?

In case you want to use caustic soda to free the clogged toilet, pour two tablespoons inside it (or up to a maximum of 150-200 grams of caustic soda to pour down the drain), move away immediately and let it act.

How to remove the grease from the pipes?

Just pour a few tablespoons of bicarbonate into the drains of sinks, tubs, bidets and showers, then pour a little white wine vinegar and close the drain with the stopper. After about twenty minutes it must be rinsed with boiling water.

How to avoid the formation of limescale in the pipes?

How to prevent limescale? The installation of a WATER SOFTENER, i.e. a device capable of softening the water, i.e. reducing its hardness (reducing the concentration of calcium and magnesium balances) can avoid faults in the water pipes and boilers with considerable savings.

How to eliminate limescale in the plumbing system?

If you want to act in a natural, effective, ecological, economical and safe way, I recommend wine vinegar or lemon juice. Both are powerful acids that prevent limescale deposition.

How does the Cleaner probe work?
Drain cleaner probe how it works:

A pressure washer with a connected pipe cleaning probe allows – by means of the strong pressure exerted on the steel terminal nozzle – to push the probe along the entire pipe without effort.

How to unclog the kitchen sink with the probe?

In this case you have to remove the hose from under the sink and reach the main outlet, then with a probe you have to try to eliminate the block that does not allow the passage of the plunger product or the bicarbonate and vinegar.

How to clean the sewer sump?

Generally it is enough to use a sturdy chisel and a hammer to lift the edges often surrounded by hardened soil. Once this is done, try to remove most of the stagnant water from the cavity with any container that enters the hole or with a sponge, and in this case wearing gloves.

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