How to sell more auto insurance to customers who don’t want to spend a lot

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Selling auto insurance is not for everyone. Practice requires technique, knowledge, and skill. If you want to be a good broker and want to stand out, you need to go beyond the obvious. That’s because your customer, when approached, doesn’t expect you to be just another salesperson trying to “push” a product to him at any cost. He expects more from you, most likely sees you as a true consultant, and in many cases trusts you to provide good coverage that fits his needs.

In the same way that customers expect you not to offer coverage that “leaves them on” when they need it, they also expect you not to include too much coverage to make auto insurance more expensive. And this is an important point: to show your client that you really know him and that you know his pain, you can’t offer unnecessary coverage, especially if he’s the “cow’s hand” style.

Here are some tips for not putting together an exaggerated insurance proposal and selling more auto insurance to customers who don’t want to spend a lot.

Your commission is important, but it’s not everything

I know the importance of your commission because that’s what makes the “gear” work, ensuring the financial health of your insurance broker, and of course, you should think about it when putting together a proposal.

However, many brokers make the mistake of thinking that they will lose money by cutting certain coverages in the customer’s insurance, as they would be losing the opportunity to receive a higher commission and end up not adopting the proposal to the insured’s financial reality.

At this point, it is important to think about the long term, as you have much more financial gain by renewing insurance for having offered adequate coverage than with a higher commission, but you will end up losing the client at the end of the contract to another brokerage that knew you. And understand it better.

Work with a good percentage of commission, but do not jeopardize the contract with the insured. Loyalty customers are cheaper than acquiring new ones; this is the best way to sell more auto insurance.

Thinking long-term about your brokerage commission is one of the secrets to selling more auto insurance.

Present a good diversity of insurers

There are several insurers in the auto insurance market, each of them has a different proposal. Because of this, it is very important that you carry out complete quotes to present a good variety of options to your client.

To get faster quotes and sell more auto insurance by presenting better proposals for your customer, we recommend that you use a multi-calculator like Quiver MULT, which, in addition to being the fastest on the market, presents the most detailed quotes possible. In addition, it points out the best deals for you and your customer.

Make the customer keep the vehicle safe.

It seems obvious, but it can go unnoticed. Give your client tips to keep the car safe, as this will have a big impact on the insurance value. The use of a closed garage, private parking, and security equipment such as trackers is very important. Don’t let your customer think that just because he’s taking out insurance, he won’t need other methods to keep his car safe; this is expensive and can bring a lot of headaches if any fatality occurs.

In addition, the loss ratio of your insurance broker is very important. Having “good” clients in your portfolio is fundamental to your relationship with insurers, and you can influence this point more than you think.

Having taken out insurance does not mean that the customer will no longer need to take care of the car’s safety. Make it clear.


Make your customer understand that they shouldn’t confuse “unnecessary expenses” with costs that really matter. If you have already gotten to know and understand your client, you will realize that some coverages are important for the lifestyle he leads, even if he doesn’t want to spend a lot. Failing to offer transfer, hotel, and car booking coverage to a customer who is constantly traveling could be the mistake that will make you lose the sale.

Modify the deductible and premium amount as needed

Modify the amount of the deductible and, consequently, the premium by submitting an insurance proposal based on the information your client has provided you. When doing this, it is very important that you make it clear to your client what is the meaning of both the prize and the franchise. Don’t leave them “lost,” explain how insurance coverage works and make it clear to them why choosing an expanded deductible may or may not be the best option. In fact, it is very common, at first, for this customer profile to think that the expanded franchise with a reduced premium may be better for them. But you know that might not be true. 

Don’t let the customer delay payments and renewal.

Imagine the following situation: the customer suffers an accident that damages a good part of the vehicle, so he calls the insurance company and discovers that the insurance is expired. Whose fault is it? Your. You must advise your client of the expiration dates of the insurance he has taken out. Otherwise, he will be extremely frustrated (although he also has a share of the blame, that is not the case), and you will miss the renewal. Again: loyalty is the best way to sell more auto insurance; in addition to guaranteeing renewal, you will probably be gaining referrals from a satisfied customer.

If you don’t have time to remember all your customers’ due dates, we recommend using management software that automatically sends emails and SMS to your customers on dates close to their due dates. Discover Quiver software.

In summary, the most important thing when selling insurance to a client who is not willing to invest a lot is to show him that cheap can be expensive and it is possible to cut expenses, but at the same time have personalized insurance that will not let you down. It in hand when he needs it most. Now, it will be your role to show that to him.

By Master James

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