How to obtain your insurance certificate?

How to obtain your insurance certificate?

What is an insurance certificate?

An insurance certificate is a document given to you by your insurer following the subscription of a contract. This serves as proof of insurance throughout the validity of the agreement.

The insurance certificate concerns any contract taken out:

  • Home insurance ;
  • Car insurance ;
  • School insurance ;
  • Health insurance.

Health insurance certificate: how to obtain it?

health insurance certificate and a social security certificate refer to the same document, also called a “certificate of rights.”

Social security certificate: how does it work?

The health insurance card, also called a certificate of rights, is compulsory to justify your affiliation to a health insurance fund (salaried and self-employed scheme combined) with health professionals.

You will also need to present your rights certificate in addition to your vital card if:

  • You are hospitalized;
  • You wish to take out mutual or private health insurance;
  • You benefit from the CMU-C.

Some crèches, schools, and nurseries may ask you to present your health insurance certificate at the time of registration.

Certificate of rights: how to obtain a health insurance certificate?

You can apply for a health insurance certificate at any time and free of charge. To do this, there are three possibilities:

  1. Apply online on the health insurance website if the general scheme covers you;
  2. Via the multi-service terminals made available to you within the CPAM agencies. You will then need your identifiers;
  3. Make a request by mail to your Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie.

Students and self-employed workers attached to the RSI, for their part, will request their health insurance certificate directly from the organizations managing their social protection.

Civil liability insurance certificate: why is it required?

certificate of civil liability is a document issued by your insurer proving that a civil liability guarantee indeed covers you and that it will replace you to repair the damage.

Indeed, the civil liability guarantee covers all damage caused to others, that is to say, all the people affected by a claim due to your liability or that of the people covered by your contract.

The certificate of school and university civil liability insurance for your student registration and your internship

Your child’s school will request a civil liability certificate upon registration. The RC guarantee included in your multi-risk home insurance contract will be sufficient because it covers all the people living under the same roof.

Be careful not to confuse school insurance and HRM. Both include liability coverage, but the extent of coverage differs. School insurance covers risks specifically related to your child’s schooling, such as theft of supplies or school bags, bodily injury suffered by the child, etc. It will also be required in the context of optional extracurricular activities.

Finally, the civil liability insurance certificate will be required by the higher education establishment of your student child at the time of registration. This will be used to certify that your insurer guarantees the financial consequences of your child’s liability if they cause damage in the context of:

  • Studies, including during work carried out in the workshop;
  • The journey between the student’s home and his educational establishment;
  • Of the daily life of the student, holidays included;
  • Internships in a professional environment for studies.

How do I obtain a civil liability insurance certificate?

The certificate of civil liability is to be requested from the company that manages your HRM: insurance company, online insurer, bank insurer, mutual society, etc.

You can send your request by post, but we advise you to do so via your customer area on your insurance website to save time. You will then obtain a civil liability certificate by email or by post. As a general rule, you will not have to pay anything.

The home insurance certificate: a necessity for tenants

As a tenant, you are legally required to insure yourself against risks such as fire, explosion, or water damage. When entering a dwelling, generally, when handing over the keys, you must be able to prove this insurance to your landlord through a certificate of home insurance.

He may ask you for one each year on the date of signing the lease to certify that the accommodation is still covered. In the absence of insurance, the owner may terminate the rental contract if it provides for this clause.

Home insurance certificate: how to get it?

The law obliges all tenants to take out home insurance. To find the formula that best suits your profile and get an idea of ​​market prices, it is best to compare. The rates vary from one insurer to another.

Once your HRM has been found and subscribed to, you will receive a home insurance certificate within a few days. To simplify your life and save time, it is best to apply directly on your insurer’s website.

What should you do if you do not receive your home insurance certificate on time?

  • Contact your insurer by phone or email to ask for the certificate. You will generally receive this by email if it is urgent;
  • Log into your customer area on your insurer’s website using your login details. You will be able to obtain your home insurance certificate by email or directly from the site;
  • Go to an agency and ask an agent now for your certificate;
  • Download your insurer’s mobile application on your smartphone.

What do I risk if I do not provide the certificate to my landlord?

By not presenting a home insurance certificate to your landlord.

If, after several reminders from your lessor, particularly through registered letters with acknowledgment of receipt, you have still not sent the required document, the latter has the right to evict you and terminate the lease that binds you. After a legal appeal, an eviction procedure will then be initiated with a bailiff.

Since the Alur-Duflot law, your landlord can also take out housing insurance himself with the insurer of his choice and pass on the cost of this insurance to the amount of the rent.

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