How to get out of a car in case of an accident?

Find out on the Hello Auto blog how to act in the event of an accident and what steps to take in case you get stuck in a car that has crashed on the road. There are certain things in life that no one wants to experience. One of them is having a road accident. It is one of the greatest fears that concerns all drivers and passengers who travel by land vehicle. 

But, we all have to be prepared for the possibility of having an incident with the car. Knowing how to act will help us to face the moment, if it were to happen, especially if there is a possibility that we will minimize the damage of the accident with our actions before the emergency services arrive.


  1. What to do if we get stuck in a car after an accident?
  2. How to act after a road accident?
  3. Emergency call: the Hello Auto Connect McCall system

What to do if we get stuck in a car after an accident?

The first thing is to know how we can get out of a car if we get trapped inside after a road accident. In this sense, it should be remembered that in the event of an incident with a vehicle, whether we are victims or witnesses, we must follow the PAS conduct: Protect, ourselves first, Warn and Help. 

To get to safety and get out of a crashed car we have to attend to several details. One of them is that the vehicle has overturned and you are upside down. If this happens, you have to rest your arm on the roof so that when you release the seat belt you don’t hurt your neck or head. 

The next step will be to check if the doors can be opened. If, on the contrary, they are blocked, we must try to get out through the windows. In this case, it should be remembered that we do it for the rear window since the front one is more complicated to break.

How to act after a road accident?

As we have mentioned, the PAS behavior must be followed. But, in addition, what must be taken into account in the event of an accident is: to try to remain calm. This is the most important step to start acting in the most correct way possible. After this, we must evaluate the damage or people involved, of whom we must check if they are aware or not and if they can get out of the vehicle. 

Once we know what we have in front of us, we have to call emergencies as soon as possible if we have a device at hand. If not, we must ask for help, but always without losing our nerves. We cannot despair and put ourselves in danger. In this sense, we remember that, if possible, we have to try to put on a vest or use some highly visible element that helps drivers detect our presence on the road.

Emergency call: the Hello Auto Connect McCall system

The emergency call will be one of the keys when lives are in danger after an accident. The speed with which it is carried out and the information provided will be vital in these cases. In this sense, it is worth noting the importance of the Hello Auto Connect Call system. 

This driving assistant, which we can enjoy for free if we are car insurance, allows us to contact the emergency services at any time. The device has a geolocation system and automatic communication in the event of an accident. In addition, Hello Auto Connect McCall is available 24 hours a day, providing you with full security. This device will never leave you alone on the road.

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