How to ensure better coverage of professional civil liability?

professional civil liability

As part of their daily activities, professionals are subject to any obligations. Among them, they are sometimes forced to take out certain insurances. However, in terms of professional civil liability, all the pros are not housed in the same boat. Mandatory for some, this insurance is strongly recommended for others.

What is professional civil liability?

When we talk about civil liability, it is a legal obligation to repair all damage caused to others. However, this responsibility applies as much to individuals as to professionals. In other words, if a company causes harm to a third party in the course of its professional activity, it is up to it to compensate the victim.

Because compensation for damage can sometimes be very expensive, there is insurance to cover any damage: professional civil liability.

Why take out professional liability?

RC Pro insurance is very important. Indeed, the liability of a professional can be engaged for many reasons. In particular, he is held responsible if the damage is caused to third parties (customers, suppliers, etc.), whether this damage is caused by himself (by negligence or imprudence), by his employees, by his property, his premises, his machines or his animals.

In the event of a lawsuit, the professional may be exposed to significant repair costs. To avoid having to pay these sums, he has every interest in taking out professional civil liability as soon as he launches his activity.

Is professional civil liability compulsory?

When it comes to RC Pro, not all professionals are equal. For some activities, it is mandatory to have one, while it remains optional for others. Building craftsmen, medical professions, legal professions, chartered accountants, insurance agents, real estate agents, and architects are required to subscribe to it.

Professional civil liability: tariff

The price of professional indemnity insurance varies widely. Indeed, it depends on:

  • the size of the company;
  • its legal form;
  • it’s turnover;
  • its sector of activity;
  • the guarantees chose and their scope.

Professional civil liability for a self-employed person

Depending on his activity, a self-employed person is not systematically obliged to subscribe to an RC Pro. For example, if he is a Web designer, he can choose to do without it. On the other hand, if he is a craftsman, it is strongly advised to have one. Given his status, the auto-entrepreneur often benefits from a reduced rate.

Professional civil liability for a nurse

Salaried nurses are exempt from professional civil liability. On the other hand, if they exercise this profession as a liberal, it is an obligation. Although it is not always compulsory, RC Pro insurance remains strongly recommended for all medical professionals, in order to protect the professional in the event of an accident or fault.

How much does professional liability insurance cost?

The price of your professional liability insurance depends on the guarantees you want to take out and the amounts you want to insure. Every business is unique, and so are the risks you face and the protection you want. It is therefore useful to first request an offer online. Our experts provide you with personalized advice so that you can be sure that you are covered for the risks that your business is likely to run.

How to ensure better coverage of professional civil liability?

Why protect yourself better?

In order to minimize the risks, it is necessary to choose the insurance which offers the best guarantees. Obviously, the choice of guarantees depends on the activity carried out and the current missions that may lead to certain situations occurring.

To be 100% covered, RC Pro insurance is sometimes insufficient. For this, it is possible to subscribe to additional guarantees. To go further, there are more comprehensive insurances such as professional multi-risk insurance.

It is sometimes worth finding a more complete offer even if the cost is higher for the company. This involves measuring the risks and their probability of occurrence.

RC Pro insurance or professional multi-risk insurance

The RC Pro insurance corresponds to the basic insurance that any company must have to protect itself and its employees because it contains the minimum guarantees. It is therefore possible to subscribe to additional guarantees within the framework of its civil liability insurance. In particular, there are warranties that extend coverage following the delivery of goods or the performance of the service, such as the post-delivery warranty or the ten-year warranty. The aim is to optimize the number of situations covered.

In addition, there is more complete insurance: professional multi-risk insurance, known as MRP insurance. This is more complete and includes RC Pro insurance.

As its name suggests, it covers several risks and it also includes legal protection, insurance for the premises, possibly vehicle insurance, and other additional guarantees. It’s more bespoke.

How much does it cost?

The cost is difficult to estimate, as it varies enormously from one company to another. The criteria will be as follows:

  • The number of employees
  • Turnover
  • The area of ​​the activity
  • The importance of the risks incurred
  • The guarantees chose: it can be simple RC Pro insurance or professional multi-risk insurance

The amount is then between €100 and €1,000 per year depending on these aspects. It is therefore interesting to use online insurance comparators to make your choice.

Its cost should not be an obstacle to the idea of ​​taking out insurance, because the financial consequences can be very heavy.

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