How to Detect Leakage in home plumbing?


Residential leaks are common, for a variety of reasons, from a punctured pipe when hitting a nail in the wall to problems in valves and O-rings, for example. But what about when the problem is beyond the field of vision, how to check for water leakage in a residence, when there are pipes on all sides of the property?

In this content from a Leak, we share some very interesting tips on how to identify hidden residential leaks. That way, you can rest easy about paying a fair water bill, charging only what you actually use, and getting rid of problems arising from leaks.

How to check a water leak in your home:

If you have this doubt, it is probably because there are some indications that, somewhere, there is water leaking, for example, an infiltration that appeared out of nowhere or maybe the bathroom tile has darkened.

Another reason that may have led you to think about how to discover a water leak may be the increase in the water bill without you having made any relevant changes in terms of consumption. In fact, if this has happened, it is extremely important that you have a way to check for a water leak in your home as soon as possible!

Watch the hydrometer:

The residential water consumption meter is the first one that will tell you if there is water being wasted due to a hidden residential leak. In this case, if you are not using any of the faucets or the shower, that is, everything is off, but the water meter clock continues to turn, you will already be able to know if there is a water leak.

Take the toilet test:

This is a tip on how to check for water leakage at home in the bathroom, usually due to the hydra valve, coupled box, and related:

  • Put on a silicone glove
  • Get a disposable cup
  • With the glass, remove some of the water from the toilet
  • Wait 10 minutes
  • The secret here is to observe if the water level inside the toilet has returned to normal and, if so, it means that it is really leaking.

Perform the faucet test:

Another trick on how to check for water leakage at home is to do a test on the faucet, which works like this:

  • first, close the easel valve, the water inlet.
  • go to the faucet closest to the easel
  • insert a full glass of water under the faucet (the mouth of the faucet inside the glass)
  • open the faucet (no water will come out, because the valve is closed)
  • If the faucet starts to suck water from the glass, you’ve just detected a hidden leak.

How to find a water leak and fix it:

With the tips above, you’ve already verified that there is a residential water leak, but now, how do you find out exactly where the possible hole in the pipe is? Leak is here to help you!

Our technicians understand how to check for water leaks in your home and make the repair, breaking only the exact area that is leaking. Want to know more? Talk to one of our experts right now!

By Master James

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