How to choose forklift?


Forklift models are extremely varied. Each one having a specification and being more recommended for different types of industries. For example, there are gas forklifts and electric forklifts with different types of load capacity and lifting capacity.

The gas forklift, as a highlight, has its own very striking characteristics. Not all entrepreneurs know deeply about forklifts. For this reason, they often have doubts about the types of forklift available.

However, unfortunately, there are not always reliable links on the internet with more in-depth explanations. For this reason and considering this difficulty, below we list the main and most frequently asked questions about gas forklifts.

So, check the answers and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

What is a gas forklift?

The name itself is explanatory. However, it is important to clarify some details.

A gas forklift is a piece of equipment whose engine burns gases as fuel. However, it is worth mentioning that there are specific gases to supply these forklifts.

In addition, this product line has its own advantages that may be more appropriate according to the location and segment of each company.

What gases are suitable for fueling a gas forklift?

Like cars, for example, which are not always compatible with certain types of fuel, forklifts follow similar logic. In the specific case of gas forklifts, they work with two types of fuel: Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Vehicle Natural Gas (CNG).

What are the main advantages of the gas forklift?

Gas forklifts are known for having some advantages of their own model. Above all, they are equipment remembered for their power and speed. In this way, these characteristics can be of great help in environments where productivity depends on an efficiency often measured by differences in minutes between one load and another.

They also have a lower maintenance cost. This is because these models have been on the market for a long time, which means that there are many parts and technicians compatible with this type of product.

Why rely on gas forklifts?

Because these machines work in various sectors, such as metallurgy, warehouses and industries, being highly recommended.

In addition, gas forklifts:

  • Achieve more speed than diesel forklifts;
  • They can be replenished very quickly;
  • They cost less than electric forklifts;
  • Its models can be more robust than those of other modalities;
  • Can be used on land that is not flat;
  • Resistant to cold and humidity;
  • They can reach up to 21 km/h.
  • When to service gas forklifts?
  • Preventive maintenance of the gas forklift must be carried out periodically in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

However, a check must be carried out every day to ensure that it is in perfect condition. For Forklift Repair in Houston Texas Click Here

The daily check needs to be of all forklift fluids, such as engine coolant and transmission oil.

The filter and gas reducer, which wear out during use, must be checked and replaced regularly.

What are the risks of emission of gases by forklifts?

Combustion forklifts, such as those powered by LPG, gasoline or diesel, emit carbon monoxide into the environment.

This can harm people who are present in a closed place due to the high concentration of CO2.

Today, there is a regulation that requires that the emission of toxic gases from machines be controlled indoors.

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