How to access private medical services without insurance

How to access private medical services without insurance

Access to quality private medical services is the best option for many people who require the attention of a specialist and do not want to endure waiting lists in public health. Health concerns us all, especially families with children or the elderly. And time can be the key to preventing an ailment or tackling an illness with guarantees. But is it necessary to have insurance to access a private doctor at a reasonable price?

Our private medical services website is an example of how it is possible to access consultations, diagnostic tests, and surgeries in the best private medical centers without an insurance policy.

In fact, in our offer of services we offer benefits that are not covered by many health insurances and that, at a given moment, are now within reach of these people without having to spend more than necessary.

However, many people believe that the only way to access these specialists is to take out private health insurance that includes these specialties and specialists within its coverage. Otherwise, visiting a personal doctor without the mediation of the insurer is usually much more expensive, especially when treatment requires several visits.

Cheaper private medical services, with the same quality

However, at iDoctor, we offer private medical services and consultations with specialists that you can find in private clinics and hospitals with your insurance, but at a lower price. Users only pay for the services they receive, whether medical consultations or tests. And these services are provided in concerted centers such as those of insurers.

However, for the user, the cost of medical tests and consultations is cheaper when contracting it from our platform. That is why it is elementary to save when booking an appointment with specialists or hiring diagnostic tests on our website.

From the outset, as there is no health insurance, there are no fees or co-payments or deficiencies, or other limitations that you can find in a policy.

In addition, when you take out private insurance, you include many services that you do not use but that you will pay in the premium policy. On the other hand, when hiring a consultation or a test with us, you will only have to bear the cost of the services you hire. And not one euro more.

Private healthcare without health insurance and online

The truth is that thanks to the Internet, it is now possible to access the best private medicine without waiting lists and without having to pay a monthly policy premium. You can now access private consultations and treatments, delivering only what is necessary.

That is the philosophy that has guided the creation of iDoctor Asistencia Médica. This platform brings the entire population closer to access to private healthcare without assuming the fixed costs of health insurance.

A wide range of specialties, just one click away

Thanks to our medical services store, anyone can access the specialties of more than 5,000 medical centers and book a consultation with more than 15,000 medical professionals from a wide range of things, spread throughout Spain.

Booking an appointment is very easy. You only have to enter the web and contract the medical services you need with the speed and quality that distinguishes private healthcare, but with the advantage that you will only pay what is necessary. The service locator will help you find the most suitable private center for your request and show you the prices of the services you need.

Medical advice to choose the best specialist

In addition, through our portal, you can receive advice from our team of medical professionals to choose the specialist who can help you or decide which medical test is best for you to minimize costs and recovery time. You will also know the evaluations of other patients and everything, managed straightforwardly, through the Internet.

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