How much does Nissan March auto insurance cost?

How much does Nissan March auto insurance cost?

The Nissan Micra, currently the Nissan March, is a B-segment vehicle produced by the world’s largest Japanese automaker since 1982. It is a five-seater compact, with front-wheel drive and a transverse four-cylinder in-line engine.

It has traditionally been a three- and five-door hatchback car, although its first generation, manufactured and distributed in Asia, included a five-door sedan.

Later it also had two-door convertible versions.

The quintessential Nissan compact

The first generation of the Nissan March, launched between 1982 and 1992, was designed as competition for the


It had engines from 1.2 liters with up to 60 horsepower (hp) to 0.9 liters and 90 hp.

A second generation, produced between 1992 and 2002, won the European Car of the Year award in 1993.

The Nissan March was the first Japanese car to achieve this distinction and repeated it in its own country.

A third-generation was released between 2002 and 2010 and was manufactured to enter the European market.

It was designed with much smaller dimensions than other similar models, such as the

Suzuki Swift and the Toyota Yaris.

The fourth generation of the Nissan March was sold between 2010 and 2016 and included several important improvements to the engine.

This was the first version to be marketed in Latin America and contained a 106 hp transverse four-cylinder front engine with manual and automatic transmission.

In addition, the March was manufactured up to 90% in Mexico as part of a comprehensive assembly process in the state of Aguascalientes.

Therefore, Mexican Marches are also sold in Central, South America, and Canada.

Finally, the fifth generation of the Nissan March was based on the Nissan Sway, introduced in 2015.

This version expanded its measurements a bit, although it lowered its height and increased the luggage capacity.

It maintains its five-door hatchback body, with greater interior space and a sporty look.

It also has a more efficient fuel consumption.

What are the characteristics of the Nissan March?

The Nissan March is a car designed for young people, with air conditioning even in the steering wheel and technology everywhere.

It has steering wheel controls that let you operate the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible audio system, as well as an audio voice recognition system.

March also features a 5.8-inch color touchscreen trip computer in the dash to help you identify the best route to your destination.

This device also works with a voice recognition system.

Another interesting system of the March is a reverse camera that allows you to maneuver more easily when parking.

Its exterior stands out for its sporty touch, 16-inch wheels, chrome grille, and rear spoiler with LED light.

While the lighting system has halogen headlights and fog lights.

The ignition device is using a button that is activated with an intelligent key, which regulates the opening of insurance and trunk, just by approaching.

The engine of the Nissan March is a four-cylinder, with 1.6L and 106 horsepower. While its tank has a capacity of 41 liters and a performance of 16.89 kilometers per liter in combined consumption.

Customize your Nissan March

But also, if you want the Nissan March to have your personal touch, the automaker offers additional equipment where they stand out:

  • luggage rack
  • Chrome exhaust outlet
  • Safety studs for tires
  • aluminum wheels
  • Audio kit with two speakers
  • original mats
  • Chrome dress bag holder
  • Mask
  • Rack to transport bicycles
  • sports pedals

Nissan March Safety

The security devices designed by Nissan are recognized worldwide for their efficiency.

March is no exception: Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), and Brake Assist (BA).

The interior has frontal airbags, a 3-point seat belt, and speed-sensing locks.

Nissan March Safety Assessment

According to the evaluations carried out by the specialized automotive safety site, LatinNcap, the five-door hatchback model with two frontal airbags of the Nissan March obtained the following evaluation for its 2018 model:

  • 20.11 points out of 34 possible, in seat belt (1 out of 5 stars)
  • 21.42 points out of a possible 49, in-seat safety (2 out of 5 stars)

While the evaluation of subjecting the car to an impact yielded the following results.

Frontal impact on the Nissan March

7.16 points out of 16 possible

  • Good head and neck protection for the driver and passenger
  • Poor chest protection for the driver and marginal for the passenger
  • Marginal knee protection in both seats due to structures entering the cabin upon impact
  • In the area of ​​the tibia, protection for the driver is good and adequate for the co-driver
  • Adequate foot protection, but unstable
  • Unstable cabin structure in general

side impact

12.95 points out of 16 possible

  • Good head and pelvic protection
  • Marginal chest protection
  • Adequate protection in the abdomen, but marginal in the chest

Watch the security test video.

How much is car insurance for the Nissan March?

If you choose to buy a Nissan March, you should also consider taking out insurance to protect your investment.

What do you think if we use the ARCA platform to find the best option?

We handle your data confidentially and we will not use it to continually call you to convince you to contract, but we will do so to notify you that your policy is about to expire.

In addition, we offer attractive discounts with the most recognized insurers in the market, which reach up to 45% less.

Watch and convince yourself with this exercise:

We answer three simple questions:

  • brand and version
  • model year
  • Zipcode where you usually drive

As a result, he offered us six proposals with the companies: 

Coverages for the Nissan March

In addition to the price, here we break down the coverage, deductibles, and payment terms of each insurer for the Nissan March:

Differentiated coverage for the Nissan March

In addition to the price conditions, each insurer offers coverage or special services with which it seeks to differentiate itself from its competition to attract more clients.

These additional coverages may have an additional cost, others are free and are called added values.

Let’s review the most relevant of each company, according to our price:


  • Comprehensive coverage abroad, with which it provides Civil Liability coverage, medical expenses for occupants, and crane towing in the US and Canada.
  • Warranty on wheels to cover physical damage to the tires due to accident or puncture.
  • Refund of premium and deductible in case of a total loss due to material damage or theft.
  • Auto GAP (Total Investment Guarantee) to insure the vehicle according to the cost established in the invoice. Applies to models up to two years old.

ANA Insurance

  • Armor. Covers the total or partial repair of a car that has this accessory.
  • Differentiated civil liability coverage, including damages caused by the use of trailers, injuries to passengers inside the insured car, damages caused by minor children of the insured, among others.
  • Payment of fines and coral ones, in case the vehicle is remitted as a result of a traffic accident.
  • Differential coverage, designed for people who buy their car in financing. If you suffer a total loss before you finish paying it, this coverage guarantees that the insurance compensation is enough to cover the rest of the credit, up to a difference of 20%.

GNP Insurance

  • Zero payment that eliminates the discount applied to the insured (deductible) at the time of compensation for total loss.
  • Replacement of spare keys due to theft or loss, at no cost to the insured.
  • Help for total losses due to material damage or theft, it is about granting an additional percentage in compensation concerning the appraisal made by the insurer.
  • Partial theft, in case accessories or original auto parts, are removed from the vehicle, without the unit being stolen
  • Protection for wheels and tires, in case they are damaged by hitting potholes, sidewalks, or other objects on public roads.


  • Own workshop network for car repairs as a result of a crash or other risk covered by the policy.
  • Service through the Qmóvil application to request the support of an adjuster, consult your policy and locate your car. In addition, it includes a free discount card MÁS Card.
  • Civil Liability in the US and Canada, to cover damages to third parties in these countries, without the need to purchase another policy for the insured vehicle.
  • Unlimited road and travel assistance service, during the validity of the policy.

HDI Insurance

  • Cosmetic surgery for the insured or the occupants of a damaged car, who require this service as a result of an event covered by the policy.
  • Guarantee of payment of a claim in 48 hours, from the moment you deliver all the documentation requested by the insurer.
  • Transfer in case of drunk so you can enjoy yourself with your friends safely. 
  • Bodywork and painting quality guarantee when you bring your vehicle to a workshop in its service network as a result of a traffic event.


  • Payment of losses and consequential expenses. This coverage compensates in case you stop receiving money for not having your car, as a result of a risk covered by the policy.
  • Transfer of the body, in the event, that any of the occupants of the insured car die in a traffic event outside their city of residence.
  • Family Civil Liability, which compensates for damages caused by the insured or their family during their daily activities
  • Theft of purchases and personal belongings inside a car is stolen with violence when the insured is inside.

This is how the Nissan March works and these are the best insurances to protect it.

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